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Accommodation & Transportation
Yangzhou University provides on-campus lodging with canteens and recreational facilities. The hotel-like rooms, with air-conditioner, TV set, telephone and independent bathroom is at the rates of 2.5 – 3 dollars for twin-bed room per person per night and 4.5 -- 6 dollars for single-bed room per person per night.
The international students lodge is on the Slender West Lake Campus. The Lake becomes a backyard of the building. In front of it, there is a big lotus flower pond and in spring and summer, the pond is colorful. It is near the downtown area, but it is very quiet. The location has impressed many tenants and visitors.
In each room, there are two beds, two bookshelves, two chairs, and two table lamps, two round chairs with a tea-table and some other necessary furniture and utensils.
On each floor, there is a large kitchen which can serve ten people to cook at the same time. International students can also eat at our students' dining room, which is only five minutes’ walk away.
Students must put 200 Yuan (approximately $25) for deposit, which will be refunded upon your leaving if there is nothing unsettled.
Utility (water, hot water, gas and electricity) is included in the room fee, but limited.
How to get to Yangzhou University
From Railway Station to Yangzhou University
You can take bus 26 to the east hospital and get off at the Inland Revenue department, then transferred bus 20 to campus of the slender west lake.
From Bus Station to Yangzhou University
You can take bus 20 and direct to Yangzhou university.

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