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Yangzhou University (YZU) is a key comprehensive provincial university, which pioneered in China in the merging of institutions. The University was established in 1992 as a merger of 6 colleges. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin calligraphed the name for YZU and Li Lanqing, former Chinese Vice-Premier inspected YZU five times. Many leaders from the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Government have visited YZU, giving instruction and guidance.


At present, there are 33,900 full-time undergraduate students, 6,200 postgraduate (doctorate and master) students and 16,000 students of continued education. YZU has 27 colleges offering 94 undergraduate programs in 11 disciplines. YZU has 4 state-level specialized majors, 1 state-level teaching team, 1 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center, 7 national superior courses, 25 provincial brand majors and 8 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers in basic courses.


About 4,100 faculty and staff members are working in YZU, of which 2,050 are professional teachers including 1100 professors and associate professors and 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (a top honor for professors in China). In YZU, 97 faculty members enjoy the Special Government Allowance and 29 are entitled Young Expert with Outstanding Contribution. There are over 800 supervisors to Ph. D and master students. As one of the first among colleges and universities allowed to grant master and doctoral degree, YZU now has 5 mobile stations for post-doctoral research, 32 doctoral programs, 133 master programs, 1 granting right in doctoral degree and 6 granting rights in master degrees targeting students for continued education; YZU has 3 state-level key disciplines (including one cultivation program), 8 ministerial (provincial-level) key disciplines, and 15 ministerial (provincial-level) key laboratories, engineering technology research centers and provincial-level researching institutes.


There are around 900 ongoing research projects that receive a total of RMB 140 million in research fund annually. In terms of the number of the projects granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, YZU is among the top universities in Jiangsu Province, and goes into the top 40 in the whole country. Since the Ninth Five-Year Plan Period of the country, more than 300 research accomplishments in YZU have received awards at ministerial or provincial-level. The joint research project with the Chinese Academy of Science, “Trans-genetic Somatic Cloned Goat”, was bulletined as the No. 1 Fundamental Research News Report in 1999. “Precise Sequencing of Rice No. 4 Chromosome” project came on top of the 10 Scientific Progress News Report in 2002. 3 research achievements have won the second prize of the National Scientific Development Award. YZU has embarked on a successful road to serve agricultural and rural development through combining agriculture field work, related scientific research and teaching work together with northern Jiangsu as a foundation and efforts can reach the adjacent central and southern Jiangsu.


YZU covers an area of about 287 hectares with a build-up area of 1.22 million square meters. The eight campuses of YZU are closely located in the downtown area of Yangzhou. The University also owns experimental factories, farms, an animal hospital, an affiliated high school and primary school, and affiliated clinical hospitals with a full range of modern facilities to meet the needs of teaching, research and students’ internships. YZU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has set up close links and academic relations with a number of institutions of research and higher education in over 20 countries and regions. YZU is well qualified to enroll international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


In more than a decade, as it has undergone an innovative process from combing to merging to restructuring and to improving, YZU is now developing in an all-round manner. In the Teaching Assessment of Undergraduate Education organized by China’s Ministry Of Education, YZU was rated Excellence.


As a university of more than 100 years, YZU now aims to achieve new heights of success. It presses ahead with reform and innovation, determined to contribute more valuable experience to the administrative reform in China’s higher education. It has thus been regarded as a banner in China’s university reform. In its new journey, Yangzhou University will keep following the guidance and leadership of the government and upholding the scientific overview of development to build a harmonious school with a brighter future.


Welcome to study at Yangzhou University(扬州大学)