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School of Cultural Communication 文化传播学院
List of Subjects
1 Chinese Language & Literature (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Communication (Bachelor)   Apply
The School of Cultural Communication was founded in 2003. It offers 2 bachelor programs including Chinese Language and Literature and Communication. Communication is regarded as the first major for enrolling undergraduates among the universities in Zhejiang Province. The School owns 6 institutes and hosts the public courses of philology and the HSK examinations of the whole university.
At present, the School boasts a number of 40 staff members, including 14 full and associate professors. It covers a group of high-qualified teachers of senior titles, high education level and pluralism. The School plays an active role in developing international students’ education on the basis of undergraduates teaching. It endeavors to provide useful and meaningful conditions for enrolling graduates. The School always adhere to the spirit “Benefit hundreds of schools, keep pace with time”.
Known as the newly-kind school, the School makes full use of its profound facilities, based on high starting point planning, high standard construction and high speed development. Under the superior conditions of the school, it runs a peculiar teaching mode “construct the school by teaching, strength the school by scientific research, earn its name by features”. It aims to train students covering compound qualities and practical abilities who can meet the needs of the society.
The School actively participates in domestic and international academic exchange. Every year, it sends a number of faculty members and students abroad for further study and academic visit, while quantities of international students come to study in the School. Now, it owns 400 undergraduate and over 40 international students. The School will seize the opportunity to realize the great-leap-development and make great contributions to the cultural construction of Zhejiang Province.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4-5 years
Postgraduate students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
The time for application is September to January for spring term, March to August for autumn term.

The time for enrollment is End of January or February for spring term, September for fall term.

Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree:
Be above 18 years old, senior high school graduate, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Master’s degree:
Have Bachelor’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, academic score list, 2 recommended letters from two associate professors or above, in good physical condition.
For Doctoral degree:
Have Master’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, academic score list, 2 recommended letters from two associate professors or above, in good physical condition.
Tuition fees
Tuition (RMB)
Application/Registration fee
Bachelor’s degree
RMB15000 (Liberal Arts)/year,
RMB18000 (Science)/year,
RMB22000 (Arts)/year
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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