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School of Law and Politics 法政学院
List of Subjects
1 Law (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Social Work (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Public Utilities Management (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Administrative Management (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Automation   Apply
6 Applied Psychology   Apply
7 Applied Physics   Apply
8 Applied Chemistry   Apply
9 English   Apply
10 Information & Computing Physics   Apply
11 Information Management and System   Apply
12 Civil Engineering   Apply
13 Statistics   Apply
14 Communicate Engineering   Apply
15 Digital Media Art and Technology   Apply
16 Pure & Applied Mathematics   Apply
17 Visual Communication Design   Apply
18 Marketing   Apply
19 Biopharmaceutical   Apply
20 Social Work   Apply
21 Japanese   Apply
22 Human Resource Management   Apply
23 Regional Economics   Apply
24 Fine Arts   Apply
25 Economics   Apply
26 Finance   Apply
27 Architecture   Apply
28 Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering   Apply
29 Machinery Design & Manufacturing & Automation   Apply
30 Mechatronic Engineering   Apply
31 Accounting   Apply
32 Environmental Design   Apply
33 Administration Management   Apply
34 Chinese Language & Literature   Apply
35 Chemical Process Equipments and Control Engineering   Apply
36 International Economy & Trade   Apply
37 Advertising   Apply
38 Administration of Public Service   Apply
39 Industrial Design   Apply
40 Industrial Engineering   Apply
41 Civil Engineering Project Management   Apply
42 Clothing and Apparel Design   Apply
43 Clothing Design and Engineering   Apply
44 Landscape Architecture   Apply
45 Non-woven Materials & Engineering   Apply
46 Textile Engineering   Apply
47 Law   Apply
48 Animation   Apply
49 Electronic Information Science & Technology   Apply
50 Electronic Information Engineering   Apply
51 E-Commerce   Apply
52 Electrical Engineering and Automation   Apply
53 Communication   Apply
54 Product Design   Apply
55 Measuring & Control Technology and Instruments   Apply
56 Marxism Principle (Master)   Apply
57 Research on Essential Questions of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History   Apply
58 Botany   Apply
59 Botany   Apply
60 Operations Research and Cybernetics   Apply
61 Organic Chemistry   Apply
62 Applied Psychology   Apply
63 Applied Mathematics   Apply
64 Applied Chemistry   Apply
65 Art Theory   Apply
66 Signal and Information Processing   Apply
67 Cytobiology   Apply
68 System Engineering, Pattern Recognition & Intelligence System   Apply
69 Physics Chemistry   Apply
70 Inorganic Chemistry   Apply
71 Microbiology   Apply
72 Civil Engineering Materials   Apply
73 Statistics   Apply
74 Ideological and Political Education   Apply
75 B-pharmaceuticals   Apply
76 Biopharmaceutical   Apply
77 bioinformatics   Apply
78 Biotechnology   Apply
79 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   Apply
80 Ecology   Apply
81 Ecological Economics   Apply
82 Design   Apply
83 Applied Software Engineering   Apply
84 Light-chemical Engineering   Apply
85 Business Management   Apply
86 Nano Material and Devices   Apply
87 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System   Apply
88 Fine Arts   Apply
89 Marxism Sinicized Studies   Apply
90 Fundamental Principles of Marxism   Apply
91 Marxist Jurisprudence   Apply
92 Fluid Machinery and Engineering   Apply
93 Fluid Machinery   Apply
94 Labor Economics   Apply
95 Control Theory and Control Engineering   Apply
96 Precision Machinery and Control   Apply
97 Finance   Apply
98 Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment   Apply
99 Computer System Configuration   Apply
100 Computer Software and Theory   Apply
101 Computer Science and Technology   Apply
102 Mechanical Manufacture and Automation   Apply
103 Mechanical Design and Theory   Apply
104 Mechatronic Engineering   Apply
105 Management Science and Engineering   Apply
106 Business Administration   Apply
107 Textile Industry Economics and Management   Apply
108 Textile Material & Design   Apply
109 Textile Materials Chemistry and Physics   Apply
110 Legal Economics?   Apply
111 Vehicle Engineering   Apply
112 Industrial Economics   Apply
113 Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments   Apply
114 Materials Science and Engineering   Apply
115 Materials Chemistry   Apply
116 Material Forming and Control Engineering   Apply
117 Performance   Apply
118 Packaging Engineering   Apply
119 Fluid Machinery   Apply
120 Precision Machinery and Control   Apply
121 Numerical Mathematics   Apply
122 Computer Applied Technology   Apply
123 Fundamental Mathematics   Apply
124 Mechanical Design and Theory   Apply
125 Mechatronic Engineering   Apply
126 Chinese Language Program   Apply
127 International Trade   Apply
128 Polymeric Chemistry and Physics   Apply
129 Clothing Design and Engineering   Apply
130 Clothing Design and Engineering   Apply
131 Analytical Chemistry   Apply
132 Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering   Apply
133 Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering   Apply
134 Textile Engineering   Apply
135 Textile Engineering   Apply
136 Textile Industry Economics and Management   Apply
137 Textile Material & Design   Apply
138 Textile Materials Chemistry and Physics   Apply
139 Vehicle Engineering   Apply
140 Materials Science   Apply
141 Materials Physics and Chemistry   Apply
142 Materials Processing Engineering   Apply
Established in 2001, the School of Law and Politics covers Department of Law, Department of Social Work, Department of Public Management, and Department of Humanities and Social Science. The School offers 4 bachelor programs: Law, Social Work, Public Utilities Management, and Administrative Management, and one master program in Marxism Theory. The School has a capacity of 4 institutes, laboratorial centers and service institutes of teaching and scientific research. With years of development, it has developed itself into a comprehensive school integrating teaching, scientific research and social service.
Currently, the School embraces a number of 70 staff members, including 26 full and associate professors. There are 13 of them enjoying the special allowance and 14 master supervisors. Most of the teachers have been entitled a considerable number of awards in various fields. Now the School has an enrollment of over 1100 full-time students.
The School boasts a group of faculty members of high-level scientific research, devoted, contributed and innovative spirit. It has undertaken 3 projects of National Social Science Fund, 20 projects of Ministerial and Provincial Philosophical Social Science Fund and 60 crosswise projects. It has published more than 400 pieces of papers and 20 teaching materials and monographs. Its scientific research makes great achievements in various fields which have great influence in the academic world.
In recent years, the School has sent a large number of teachers both domestically and internationally for further study, such as Oxford University, Hong Kong University, Peking University, Auckland University, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Ford Ham University, etc. The School has a long and stable relationship with lots of universities at home and abroad.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4-5 years
Postgraduate students: 2-3 years
Doctoral students: 3 years
Application time
The time for application is September to January for spring term, March to August for autumn term.

The time for enrollment is End of January or February for spring term, September for fall term.

Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree:
Be above 18 years old, senior high school graduate, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Master’s degree:
Have Bachelor’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, academic score list, 2 recommended letters from two associate professors or above, in good physical condition.
For Doctoral degree:
Have Master’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, academic score list, 2 recommended letters from two associate professors or above, in good physical condition.
Tuition fees
Tuition (RMB)
Application/Registration fee
Bachelor’s degree
RMB15000 (Liberal Arts)/year,
RMB18000 (Science)/year,
RMB22000 (Arts)/year
Master’s degree
Doctoral degree

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