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Welcome to Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture(北京建筑大学)

Founded in 1936,Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture is the only architectural university in Beijing. BUCEA now has 11 secondary schools and 3 basic teaching units, namely, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, School of Environment and Energy Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technique, School of Economics and Management Engineering, School of Geometrics and Urban Information, School of Mechanical-electronics and Automobile Engineering, School of Humanity and Law, School of Sciences, School of Continuing Education, School of International Education. It has 8562full-time internal students, 7283 of whom are undergraduates, 1212 postgraduate students,67 overseas students.                    

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Architecture 建筑学 Master's Degree RMB35000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and A..(北京建筑大学)