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Welcome to Guangxi Medical University(广西医科大学)

Guangxi Medical University (GXMU) is located in Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, backing on the picturesque Qingxiu Hill and standing by the beautiful Nanhu Lake and mighty Yongjiang River. Established in 1934, GXMU is one of the oldest medical education institutes in China. GXMU has a beautiful campus with a total space of over 400,000 square meters which provides the teachers and students with an ideal environment and conditions for teaching, studying and living.


GXMU consists of 18 schools and colleges, inclusive of School of Pre-clinical Sciences and the First School of Clinical Sciences and 8 affiliated teaching hospitals such as the First Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Cancer Hospital etc. GXMU has a strong teaching staff, of whom 161 have senior academic titles, 477 have associate academic titles and 33 are qualified doctoral tutors. GXMU offers nine 5-year undergraduate specialties, including clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, nursing, etc. and seven 3-year college specialties, including nursing, pharmacy, c..View more

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Welcome to study at Guangxi Medical University(广西医科大学)