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Welcome to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University(内蒙古农业大学)

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU) was established in 1952, with the first president appointed by Chairman Mao. Over the past 56 years, IMAU has initiated a multi-level management system. Its primary objective is focused on undergraduate studies. Nevertheless, IMAU has been paying profound attention to postgraduate, higher vocational and adult educational programs. IMAU is a multi-discipline university with 8 fields of study. They are Agronomy, Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Social Sciences and Education. IMAU has succeeded in cultivating more than 70,000 skilled talents in diverse fields of study.   Currently, IMAU has 19 colleges including the College of Animal Science and Medicine, a Department for Physical Education and an Advanced Educational Research Center, 2 ministry-level key laboratories, 1 key laboratory of the State Bureau of Forestry, 7 regional Key laboratories, 1 state-level open field observation station, 3 regional engineering technology research centers, 1 engineering research center supported by the Ministry of Education. There is also 1 state-level ke..View more

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Welcome to study at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University(内蒙古农业大学)