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Welcome to Jilin University(吉林大学)

Jilin University is a leading national university under the direct jurisdiction of China's Ministry of Education. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeastern China, the University has eight campuses in five districts which are home to thirty-nine colleges covering eleven academic disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management. The University contains sixteen disciplinary areas, five national key laboratories, and eight national bases for the development of basic science. Other resources include five research bases for humanities and social sciences, seven key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and eleven by other ministries of Chinese government.

Jilin University offers a variety of degree programs. It has now 115 undergraduate programs, 192 master's degree program, 105 doctoral degree programs, and seventeen post-doctoral programs. The year of 2003 saw the enrollment of a total of 59,000-odd full time students among whom more than 10,000 are ..View more

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Pharmacy 药学 Bachelor's Degree RMB27000/Y Details
Law 法学 Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Preventive Medicine 预防医学 Bachelor's Degree RMB25000/Y Details
Nursing 护理学 Bachelor's Degree RMB25000/Y Details
International Economics and trade 国际经济与贸易 Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
MBBS Bachelor's Degree RMB33000/Y Details
International Relations 国际关系 Master's Degree RMB25000/Y Details
Groundwater Science and Technology 地下水科学与工程 Master's Degree RMB28000/Y Details
Public Health and Preventive Medicine 公共卫生与预防医学 Master's Degree RMB30000/Y Details
World Economy 世界经济 Master's Degree RMB25000/Y Details
International Business 国际商务 Master's Degree RMB25000/Y Details
Criminal Jurisprudence 刑法 Master's Degree RMB25000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Jilin University(吉林大学)