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    Minnan Normal University is one of the leading universities in Fujian Province. The University is located in Zhangzhou City which is in the south-east of Fujan Province. The city is famous for its history and culture and known as “the land of food and flowers”. Minnan Normal University originated in College Teacher-training Course held by Longxi Teachers’ School in 1958. After several years’ development, it was named Fujian No.2 Normal College, which at that time became a counterpart of Fujian Normal College (now called Fujian Normal University). In April 2013, Zhangzhou Normal College changed its name to Minnan Normal University.



   The university focuses on the education of undergraduates as its mainbody and actively further promotes postgraduate education. The university currently consists of 18 schools and departments. Students are enrolled in one of the 64 undergraduate programs, the 4 first class discipline master degree programs , the 30 second class discipline master degree programs, the 19 professional master degree programs of education or the 4 doctoral degree programs. The undergraduate and postgraduate matriculation is open to both Chinese and foreign students. The totality of students enrolled at present is about 20,500 including full-time undergraduate students and graduate students. Students study in ten major disciplines such as literature, history, economy, law, education, science, engineering, management, agriculture and art.


   The university firmly enforces the talents strategy and keeps to the principle of “training, attracting and hiring” to strengthen the construction of teaching staff, and gradually organizes a team of highly-educated, well-organized and vigorous teaching staff. It now has a high level teaching faculty of 1,111, including 476 with senior professional titles and 281 having doctor’s degrees. Among the teachers, 2 of them were granted the Special Government Allowance of State Council and 7 are given the title of Minjiang Scholar.



The university also proceeds the international exchange and cooperation. It keeps good cooperative relationships with colleges and universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada and so on. It established a series of cooperation programs with a number of colleges and education institutions from these countries, such as study programs with Guildford College and Northumbria University in the UK, study programs with Louisiana Tech University and Northeastern State University in the USA, value-added project for EU agricultural value chain of Wageningen University in Holland, BSK program in Germany and study programs with Shimane University and Nara saho College in Japan.



    The university makes full use of the distinctive advantages of Zhangzhou in the aspect of region, resources and historic culture to actively carry out researches in Minnan culture and Cross-straits exchange. It keeps in touch with Taiwan colleges and universities such as Tunghai University, Shih Hsin University, Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Pingtung University and Ming Chuan University. In addition, it established cooperative programs with six Taiwan universities so as to promote close communication with Taiwan colleges and universities.



    Minnan Normal University covers a total area of 115.4 hectares (including buildings under construction). Teaching and research equipment is worth RMB 146.38 million. It has a collection of 2.2 million paper books. The campus network equipment is complete and advanced, covering the whole university.

Updated in Mar. 2017

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