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Registration Notice for International Students


Registration Guideline:


1. International student should take “X” visa to register and complete the entrance procedures, and the short-term student may take “X2"visa or “L" visa.


2. International student should register in the stated time on the Admission Notice. You should inform the International Student Center suppose you are ahead or late of schedule one week in advance. You will be treated as waiver suppose you are overdue two weeks to register without valid reason.


3. International student should check in th dormitory with your original passport. And get the key, phone card, laundry card and bedding after paying the dorm fees (600RMB/month/bed) at the reception counter of International Students Dormitory. International students must finish the residence registration at the local police station within 24 hours after the entrance, otherwise you will be punished. The staff of the dorm will help the students who live in the dorm to process the residence registration, while the householders take the responsibility to assist the students who live off the campus to finish the residence registration at the local police station.


4. The following documents are required for registration original Graduation certificate, passport, original Admission Notice, JW202 Form, and 8 copies of the photo (the same size as on the passport). Registration place International Student Center.


5. Also submit the other original documents once offered in your admission application time except the above. You may fill Registration Form after your documents have been checked up inerrably. You will get the qualification to register and the relative certificates after you have paid the entire fees. The registration qualification will be cancelled suppose your entire fees cannot be paid within 15 days after your arrival.


6. For the first time residence permit application, you are required to hold our certificate, original passport and the homepage copy, visa page copy, Foreigner Visa and Residence permit Application Form, the second page of JW202 Form and physical Examination Report (You will be asked to do the physical examination in Harbin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and pay it by yourself) to Exit-Entry Administration of Harbin public Security Bureau within 30 days after your arrival. You may modify or extend the residence permit by yourself with our relative certificates.


7. In order to ensure the international students to get the essential medical guarantee during studying in China, we will buy the unexpected injury medical insurance for every international student, which will be used for the hospitalization costs, but except the outpatient costs and medicine costs. Please inform the teachers of ISC in advance once you need to be in hospital.


8. When every semester begins, you must return back and register in the International Student

Center in the stated time, and pay up the tuition at one time. The situation that you fail to register, pay the entire fee on time will be dealt with drop out of school of oneself.


Guideline to the university:

Free Pickup Service

The unviersity offers free pick up service during the registration period, please send your flight information to the teacher in advance when you book them well.

How to go to the university by yourself:

If you comes late or earlier than the registration time, you can come by yourself. Taxi is very convenient, it costs around 200RMB from the airport to the university.

Address: International Office, North
China University of Technology, No.5
Jinyuanzhuang Road, Shijingshan
District, Beijing, China

Welcome to study at North China University of Technology(北方工业大学)