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NCUT set up joint course with Hanyang University in Korea


A few days ago, joint course “ Product and Environment Design” set up by NCUT and Hanyang University closed in Hanyang University successfully. 15 undergraduates and graudates selected from NCUT took the course. The course was taugh in English by professor Zaiheng Li who is vice president of Hanyang University. During the couse opening, Hanyang University organized NCUT’s stuents to visit Samsung and other leading campanies in Korean, and medern architecture designed by well-known architect master Zaha Hadid.

Students’ horizon was widden, and knowledge was increased through the exchange, it was symbolic that cooperation betweeen NCUT and Hanyang University has entered into a new stage.

Hanyang University is one of the famous private comprehensive universities in Korean, comprehensive strength in South Korea sixth, science and technology ranked first. The Unversity was built in 1939, divided into Seoul campus and Ansan campus. There are over 25000 undergraduates and 77000 graduates.

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