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Welcome to Nanjing Forestry University(南京林业大学)

Nanjing Forestry University (NFU), located in the east of Nanjing, at the foot of Purple Mountain and east of Xuanwu Lake, is a comprehensive university jointly run and managed by Central Government and Provincial Government. The University originates from the Forest Departments of Jinling University(founded in 1888) and Central University (founded in 1902). In 1952 the university was called Nanjing Forestry College combined with different forest departments from Wuhan University, Nanchang University and Hubei Agricultural College. NFU was also named Nanjing Technological College of Forest Products in 1972. Again in 1983 NFU resumed its name as Nanjing Technological College of Forest Products. In 1985 came into being Nanjing Forestry University.   At present, NFU has 37 Departments in 15 Colleges of Forest Resources and Environment, Landscape Architecture, Wood Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Information Science and Technology, Graduate School, International Education,..View more

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Welcome to study at Nanjing Forestry University(南京林业大学)