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Ocean University of China (formerly Ocean University of Qingdao) is a comprehensive university under the direct jurisdiction of the State Ministry of Education, offering coursework in the fields of Economics, Liberal Arts, Medical Sciences (Pharmaceuticals), Management, Law, Sciences, Engineering and Agronomy.
Ocean University of China (Hereinafter referred to as OUC) is located in Qingdao, the 29th Olympic Sailing Regatta in 2008, also a renowned summer resort and an attractive historic tourist city of scenic beauty and temperate climate, convenient with an international airport for direct flights to may destinations including Japan,Korea and Hongkong.
The story of OUC can be traced back to 1924 when it was set up as the private Qingdao University, out of which grew Shandong College of Oceanography in 1959 and became one of the 13 "key" comprehensive universities in China in October 1960. In 1988, Shandong College of Oceanography was renamed Ocean University of Qingdao with Chairman Deng Xiaoping's calligraphy for it. In 2002, the university was renamed Ocean University of China.
OUC has three campuses: Yushan campus, Fushan (Maidao) campus and Laoshan campus, respectively located in the downtown section and eastern hi-tech area.
OUC consists of 22 colleges and departments that offer 131 programs conferring Master's degrees, 44 programs conferring Doctoral degrees, and 8 programs for postdoctoral research.
There are over 267,00 registered students at OUC including 5555 Master's and Doctoral graduate students and over 600 international students. Among the 2,537 faculty members there are many nationally and internationally recognized experts and scholars, 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Student orientation is the education philosophy of OUC, stressing the cultivation of the students' personalities and the development of their special skills and interests.
Among the excellent facilities for teaching and research, OUC owns "Dong Fang Hong 2", a 3,500-ton research vessel used for both teaching and scientific research.
One of the major activities of OUC has been its extensive participation in international academic exchanges. Since 1958, OUC has begun to accept international students, and now has developed close cooperative relations with over 60 universities. It is also one of the universities that receives scholarship support for international students from the Chinese government.
International students can be enrolled according to their interests. There are also special courses designed for international students in the study of Chinese Language and Culture, International Chinese Business as well as Undergraduate Courses in Chinese Language. Our programs, especially known for their, high quality instruction, a variety of coursework, many academic disciplines and domains of research, attract about 1000 students from over 30 countries around the world each year.
OUC has an established system for international student education for special non-degree students as well as undergraduates, masters' and doctoral students.
The College of Liberal Arts has a highly qualified language faculty experienced in teaching international students Chinese. For example, Prof. Wang Meng, (former Minister of Ministry of Culture), Dean of the college, is a well-known Chinese writer. Some faculty members have experiences in teaching Chinese at universities abroad and have achieved outstanding reputations in teaching and research.
OUC is also one of the earliest universities in China that started to accept international students in the 1950s'. We are now offering a vast range of programs to international students, including some tailor-made programs. Our programs, especially known for its high standards of teaching and considerate services have been attracting students from all over the world. Many world famous universities such as the University of Cambridge of the U.K. and the University of Western Australia, have chosen our university to conduct tailor-made courses for their undergraduate students. Each year there are more than 1000 international students from over 30 countries doing their certificate/diploma/bachelor's degree/master's degree/Ph.D. studies in our university.
The International Education Center (hereinafter referred to as IEC), staffed with over 20 members and facilitated with cars, buses and international students' houses provides assistance with application, enrolment procedure, accommodation, social activities and trips and other administrative affairs. The IEC warmly welcomes students from all over the world to come for study or for a visit.
Enrollment Categories and Main Programs of Study
1、Chinese Language and Culture Course
This course is taught in Chinese and provides different levels of study: Elementary Level (A), Elementary Level (B), Intermediate Level (C,D), and Advanced Level (E), offering the following courses: Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Reading, Listening Comprehension, Chinese Culture, Chinese Writing, and Reading of Chinese Newspaper and Periodicals.
2、Undergraduate Program in Chinese Language
Compulsory courses include: Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Modern Chinese, Chinese Culture, Modern Chinese Grammar etc.
Selective courses include: Pronunciation Improvement Classes, News Listening, Newspaper Reading, Translation, Chinese History, Selective Reading of Classical Literary Masters, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Writer Research etc. The courses are taught in Chinese.
3、Chinese Business Program
The courses are as follows: Elementary Chinese, Chinese Culture, Business Basics in China, Marketing Management in China, Investment In China, Wu Shu and Tai Ji, Case Studies in Chinese Business, Seminars, Excursions. The courses are taught in English.
4、Summer Chinese Language Course
This is divided into Elementary Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level offering the following courses: Comprehensive Survey of Chinese Language, Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Chinese Culture, and Reading. The courses are held in Chinese.
Activities: Laoshan Mountain tour, Sightseeing by boat, Visiting Qingdao Brewery and Lantern Festival etc. (Expenses are excluded)
5、Undergraduate Program
Chinese Language and Literature, English, Japanese, French, International Economics and Trade, Law, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Industry and Commerce Management, Tourism Management, Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Marine Chemistry, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Automation, Mechanical Design, Civil Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Aquaculture Science, Pharmacology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Bio-technology, Ecological Science, Computer Science and Technology, Marine Science, Atmospheric Science, Marine Technology, Surveying Technology and Engineering, Geology etc. The courses are conducted in Chinese with international students and Chinese students.
6、Master's Degree Program
Chinese Language and Literature, English, Japanese, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Tourism Management, Marketing, Law, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture Science, Pharmacology, Food Science and Engineering, Geology, Biological Sciences, Biological Technology, Ecological Science, Marine Technology, Physics, Electronics and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Marine Science, Marine Management, Atmospheric Science. The courses can be taught in either English or Chinese.
7、Doctoral Degree Program
Environmental Protection Law, Marine Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Marine Science, Atmospheric Science, Aquaculture Science, Pharmacology, Food Science and Engineering, Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Coastal and Offshore Engineering. The courses can be taught in either English or Chinese.
Application Requirements

Categories of Applicants
Qualifications of the Applicants
Time for Application
Duration of Study
Time of Entrance
Chinese Language Student
Academic credentials equal or above high school diploma
2 months before the entrance date
1/2-2 years
First Monday of March and September
Undergraduate Student
Hold the graduation certificate of high school or above (or a notarized copy); Original transcript (or a notarized copy);
HSK level 3 or above is required for Chinese Language and level 6 for other majors
From April to June
4 years
The beginning of September
General Scholar
Have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies;
Graduation certificate of high school or certification from the university;
Original transcript (or a notarized copy);
HSK level 3 or above
From April to June
1-2 years
The beginning of March and September
Master’s Degree Student
Copy of bachelor’s degree;
Original transcript (or a notarized copy);
Recommendations of two professors;
Having passed entrance examination or tests
A research plan
Before the end of March
3 years
The beginning of September
Senior Scholar
Academic credential equal or above that of a Chinese master degree
Before the end of March
1-2 years
The beginning of March and September
Doctoral Degree Student
Copy of certificate of master’s degree;
Original transcript (or a notarized copy);
Recommendations of two professors;
Having passed entrance examination or tests
A research plan
Before the end of March
3 years
The beginning of March and September
Chinese Business Program
Be good at English
Spring term: before Dec 31
Autumn term: before June 30
1 semester
First Tuesday of March and September
Summer Chinese Language Course
Academic credentials equal or above high school diploma
Before June 15
4 weeks
First Monday of the middle of July

How to apply
International students who intend to study at OUC may contact the IEC of OUC for the brochure and application forms. The IEC is responsible for the enrollment and management of international students. Group registration is especially welcome.
 1. Self-financed students
 First, the applicants should ask for the application forms from the IEC of OUC or download the forms from the website. Secondly, personal information about the applicants must be filled out in block letters truthfully and correctly, and the application form and other required materials should be sent to IEC at least two months before the opening day of the school.
 Thirdly, any applicant admitted by OUC will receive the Admission Notice, JW202 (Visa Application Form for Foreigners) from the IEC. The applicant admitted should take the Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreigners to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China in his/her country and apply for an X visa. The applicant should have medical examinations in the hospital appointed by the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, the medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. Those who shall stay in China for less than 6 months may apply for "F" visa, and needn't take medical examination. IEC could also help the applicants who applied L or F visa to extend their visa according to their duration in OUC.
 2. International students under Chinese government scholarship program:
 Applicants may apply to China Scholarship Council (CSC) through the relevant authorities of their home countries.
1. Application fee/tuition fee: (Paid only by RMB,just take it as a reference ,the standard rate of exchange should accord with the bank.)

Student Category
Application Fee
Tuition Fee
Language Student
RMB 7000 / term 
RMB 14000/ year 
Undergraduate Student
General Scholar
Master’s Degree Student
Liberal arts: RMB20500/year
Science: RMB23000/year
Senior Scholar
Liberal arts: RMB20500/year
Science: RMB23000/year
Doctoral Degree Student
RMB 31000/ year
Chinese Business Program
RMB 13500/ term
Excursion Fee: RMB 900
Summer Course
RMB400 (teaching materials included)
RMB 2600/ term 

Notes: There are two semesters in one academic year. The tuition fee will not be refunded if the students can’t continue their studies owing to their personal reasons.
Tuition fee for the students who attend the class during the semester or the summer course:

  Chinese Language Program
Chinese Summer course
RMB7000 (for 4 months)
RMB2600 (for 4 weeks)
RMB5700 (for 3 months)
RMB2100 (for 3 weeks)
RMB4500 (for 2 months)
RMB1600 (for 2 weeks)
RMB3300 (for 1 month) 
RMB900 (for 1 week)

2. Teaching materials: RMB150-300 per term
3. Food:
Students are responsible for their own food needs. They can have meals either at one of several university canteens (around RMB800 each month) or cook in the shared kitchen of the student building.
4. Accommodation:
There are three international student’s buildings in OUC, with every room equipped with heater/air-conditioner, color TV, telephone, private toilet, and basic furniture.
IEC service facilities include a shared kitchen, restaurant, sundries shop, laundry, table tennis room, Internet cafe, and study rooms. There are also international telephone facilities, a photocopy machine, and a service for airline tickets. 
Room rate for the international student building (only paid by RMB)

International Students Building on Fushan Campus
Rate for long term course students
(3 months or above)
Rate for long term course students
(1-3 months)
Single Room
RMB 45~58 /day/room
RMB 85 /day/room
Double Room
RMB 66~80 /day/room
RMB 100 /day/room
International Students Building on Yushan Campus
Rate for long term course students
(3 months or above)
Rate for short term course students
(1- 3 months)
Double Room
RMB 75~82/day/room
RMB 110~120/day/room

Notes: Room Deposit RMB550, refundable upon checking out. The reception is responsible for registration, receiving and holding students mail. (just take it as a reference ,the standard rate of exchange should accord with the bank.)
Guide for International Students
1.   Arrivals and Registration
International students must report to the IEC of OUC with 8 photos, the passport, Admission Notice, JW202 or JW201 and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner at the time specified in the Admission Notice. Those who fail to register without the prior consent of the IEC will be considered as voluntarily giving up the enrollment, and those who are unable to register at the specified time must seek permission from the IEC directly.
Notes: (1) All applicants should be at least 18 years of age and in good health.
            (2) All application materials must be submitted in Chinese or English.
            (3) Application materials and fees are nonrefundable, whether or not the applicants are accepted by the university. The application fee should be paid by cash or postal remittance, personal checks are not accepted.
2.   Study
Compulsory courses for Chinese language students and the undergraduates majoring in Chinese are usually conducted from 8:00 to 12:00 am every Monday through Friday, while selective courses are held in the afternoon. These selective courses include Taiji, Chinese Culture, Chinese history, Business Chinese, English etc. International students enjoy national festivals and holidays of China and the summer and winter vacations of the university.
The university provides a tutorial course for the HSK exam taught by highly qualified teachers. These classes require an additional fee.
Chinese language students and the undergraduates majoring in Chinese attend classes at the Fushan (Maidao) campus. Students attend CBP classes at the Yushan campus.
3.   Study Tours
In spring and autumn, IEC regularly organizes study tours to historical and scenic places for international students. Part of the costs is covered by the university.
4.   Scholarships
In order to encourage international students, the university has established scholarship. Those who attend classes regularly and perform excellently in their studies have an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. 
5.  Living Conditions
 IEC is in the Fushan (Maidao) campus which is conveniently located, and it takes only 30 minutes by taxi to the airport.

Welcome to study at Ocean University of China(中国海洋大学)