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Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ、Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda, brought in by our university gets approval of 2012 year national high-end foreign expert project.


Rencently,  SAFEA issued the results of 2012 year national high-end foreign expert project approval, approximately 10 peson in Guangdong province were approved of the project, 3 person in our university included, they are Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ、Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda. Among the three person, Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ was introduced by our university school of chemistry and environmental science, obtained 140,000 yuan national funding for special assistance;  Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda was respectively introduced by south China Advanced Optoelectronic Research Institute Light and Electromagnetic Research Center, both obtained 120,00.

"High-end foreign experts project” is a intellignece introducing project that was set up by SAFEA in 2011. Its establishment is aimed at carrying on central talents strategy, cooperating with national “ Foreign experts thousands plan” implement, speeding up high-level foreign experts qualified personnel construction, building a active, useful high standard foreign expert introducing platform so as to foreign intelligence introducation works better for national economic construction and social development. The project maily bings in scientists, world famous experts and scientific commanding troops talented person who can make breakthrough in key technology, develop high-tech industries and drive emerging discipline. Its selected conditions and approval are extremely strict, foreign experts who can be seleted will get support for their rewards and other relevant costs from SAFEA. 

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