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Athletes in our university break National College Student Sports Meeting swimming and track records, gain 3 golds, 11 silvers and 11 bronzes.


On 8th , Sept. to 18th , the 9th National College Student Sports Meeting hosted by State Sports General Administration and undertaken by Tianjin Municipal People's Government was held in Tianjin. Athletesand coaches in our university got3 golds, 11 silver and 11 bronze under the leading of the party deputy secretary and sports delegation of Guangdong province college students leader Wang Zuodan, broke two National College Student Sports Meeting records. In addition, number of the person who got forth and eighth is 45, the Guangdong delegation community total score is 1093.5 points, ours got 435.5 points, counting for 39% of the total score, made a great contribution to sports delegation of Guangdong province college students.

Our university swimming team and track team made more prominent achievements in this competition. Gong Jie from our university swimming team beat Olympic Game championship Liu Zige, took the gold and broke the game records with result of 2 minuts and 7.68 second, made the game record 2 second faster, became champion of Girls B 200-meter butterfly stroke. In the Group A Men's 1500 meters freestyle finals, Qin Jun got Gold with score of 16 minutes and 42.18 second. In the game, Athletes in our university have done a good work of 2 golds, 4 sivers and 5 bronzes, it is university which took the most golds, medals and prizes in swimming game among colleges in Guangdong province

In the track game, there were a lot of Athletes who have joined in Olypic Games and world college students sporting meeting.in this competition master clouds and intense, Athletes in our university played better competitive standard, Yi Jingzhong of track team broke the game records in 4 × 400 meters relay race; Wu Shuijiao got gold in 100 meters hurdle race; Liang Chujie, Chen Chuyan, Huang Jingzhuan and so on got 5 silvers and bronzes. Track team of Guangdong province got 315.5 points in total.

Further more, Chen Weijie from our university WushuTeam won Tai Chi and Tai Chi sword silver, the team won Group B men’s team total score first prize, Group B team total score second prize. Aerobic Team, Limbang cool and Luo Ying, six operations seventh, Trio seventh, in the group event, men’s basketball team got silver, and women football team got fifth prize, men’s volleyball team got sixth prize.


The current national college students sports meeting was one that has largest number of people taking part in and scales. The game was the national colleges’ highest level sport event that ministry of education ever held, a number of 34 delegations’ 6196 Athletes from31 provinces, Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region competited in the 12 games. Guangdong province delegation sent over 280 Athletes to join the competition, among which there are 56 from our university, they excellently complete the delegation’s mission, won the honor for our province and our school, presented a precious gift for the upcoming 80th anniversary of South China Normal University.

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