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Works of Prof. Fang Shaohua from School of Fine Arts is displayed in the 2012 Shanghai international biennale


On October, Prof. Fang Xhaohua from our university School of Fine Arts to be Guangdong Province the only Chinese contemporary artist invited participated in the 9th Shanghai international biennale “power generation again” which was held in Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. This Shanghai Biennale is another pageant for the global contemporary artist since its international transition in 2000, a number of 98 artists from 27 coutries and areas attended. The biennale contains: Theme Exhibition, City Hall Project, Zhongshan Park Plan, Shang hai Ark, Yuan Ming Garden 5 programs, Fang Shaohua from School of Fine Arts accepted the invatation to take part in theme exhibitioni “Zao Hua” section, his new works “No spectrum of bamboo” series causes highly attention of famous art critics home and abroad.

In Fang Shaohua’s image mind, the classic holiness has been destructed, the spirit of rational criticize was replaced by anxious thinking about reality gradually, what visual experience of urbanization adopts the form of expressionism expresses is Fang Shaohua’s experience of China—— Spiritual sign of personal will. To be one of the 85’s fine arts new trend pioneers, Fang Shaohua’s works was put on display respectively in National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Hong Kong City Hall, the Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan, in Bonn, Germany, Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Singapore, Copenhagen, Denmark, Charlotte Goldberg Exhibition Hall, South Korea, Seoul Convention and Exhibition Centre, New York, Jack Tilton Gallerythe Düsseldorf Art Museum, Germany and so on these exhibition halls home and abroad, and it is also collected successively by museums such as National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum and the Museum of Art in Bonn, etc.

Prof. Fang Shaohua graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts department of Oil Painting in 1983, then worked in our university department of Fine Arts in 1995, he used to be Institute of Fine Arts director and Fine Arts Associate dean, now he is China Oil Painting Society chairman, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, and member of Guangdong Artists Association of Oil Painting Art Committee.

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