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Shandong Youth University of Political Science is situated in Jinan—the well-known Spring City with a great prosperity, a splendid civilization and a host of historical talents. It is a full-time, regular university of undergraduate education with more than 60 years of history, set up under the approval of the Ministry of Education.


Over the years, the college has adhered to the orientation of the training of application-oriented talents, highlight the characteristics of "youth politics", emphasize on the characteristic of regional, innovation and openness, established on regional economy and oriented towards modern service industry, in order to train managers and professionals talents with young political characteristics. The motto of "Both Ability and Talent, Self-improvement" encourages the teachers and students to work harder to form a good school style of "Vigorous and Realistic."


The university, with 13000 on-campus students, covers more than 69 hectares (1040 Mu) with a gross architectural area of nearly 267000 square meters and a total value of permanent assets of RMB 820 million. It has 86 various experimental and training rooms, 3024 teaching computers, 826 language laboratory seats and 6878 multimedia classrooms seats. The university library collects 1.4million paper books and 1.39 million e-books. A highly integrated digital campus network has already been established.


Education and Teaching

Presently, there are 13 schools and 46 undergraduate and vocational majors set up by the university, covering 6 disciplines including Economics, Law, Literature, Engineering, Management and Arts. The university now has 3 Key Provincial-level Disciplines, 1 Provincial Humanities & Social Sciences Research Center, 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and 1 Provincial Innovation Experimental Zone for Personnel Training Model. There are also one National Teaching Reform Trial Major, 3 Provincial High Level Applied Professional Groups, 10 Provincial Model and Brand majors, 36 National and Provincial Excellent Courses.


It has advanced teaching equipment and beautiful surroundings, as well as a team of reasonably structured, well-suited high-level teaching faculties with a rigorous scholarship. There are more than 700 full-time and part-time teachers, among which professors and vice-professors account for 44% and teachers with Master’s and Doctor’s degree account for 71%, 2doctor tutors and 23 postgraduate tutors. Two experts are entitled to the Special Government Allowances of the State Council, one is awarded the title of the Distinguished Teacher under National High-level Personnel Special Support Plan, and one is recognized as the High Talent of Provincial Think Tank. The university has 2 Provincial Teaching Teams and 19 National and Provincial Teaching Masters, Provincial Key Discipline Leading Experts, National and Provincial Excellent Teachers. Besides, there are 77 teachers holding directors and above positions in provincial academies.


Foreign Cooperation and Exchanges

The university has conducted active international exchanges and cooperation, sticking to the “Bring-in and Going-out Strategy”, drawing on the advanced educational philosophy and school-running experience home and abroad, making great efforts to introduce domestic and overseas excellent education resources, cultivating advantageous educational cooperative program, aiming to broaden the horizon and bring new ideas. More than 15 foreign experts are employed as full time teachers. The university has already established friendly and cooperative relationship with more than 30 foreign universities and educational institutions from 13 countries and areas successively, including the University of Portsmouth(UK), the Arkansas state university (US), Universitat Jaume I de Castellón(Spain), Sungshin Women’s University(Korea), Chinese Cultural University(Taiwan Area). After the establishment of cooperative ties, there are frequent exchanges of teachers and overseas students, librarian resources, as well as collaborative research and joint school-running.


Scientific Research

The university attaches great importance to scientific research. There is a provincial-level research institution approved by the Shandong Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform-Shandong Youth and Children Institute, together with 8 university-level research institutions. Besides, the secretariats of the Planning and Management Office for Shandong Youth and Children institute as well as another 3 provincial associations are set up in the university. It also founded the “Shandong Youth and Children Development Forum” while the youth sub-forum of “Qilu Forum” was established by the Shandong Provincial Publicity Department and the Shandong Federation of Social Science, making Shandong Youth and Children Institute a hub for provincial-level youth and children studies. There are two publicly-issued academic journals-Journal of Shandong Youth University of Political Science and Youth and Juvenile Research. The former one is rated as the “National Leading-core Periodical” and “National Excellent Journals of Social Science” while the latter one is awarded as “National Key Youth Journals of Social Science”. Recent years, the university has accessed 5 State Social Science Funds and National Nature Science Foundations, 500 provincial and ministerial projects approved by Ministry of Education, Communist Youth League Central Committee, Shandong Planning and Research Projects for Social Science and Shandong Natural Science Foundation Projects. More than 130 scientific achievements won prizes at the provincial level and above. In addition, the university has undertaken two sub-projects of “Journal of Chinese Festivals” subsidized by State Social Science Funds as a key project— “Changyi Bull-burning Ceremony” and “Huji Shuhui”. Finally, the original works of Folk Dance Drama “The Kite” has been conferred the first prize of “Taishan Literary and Art Award” and been ranked as one of the projects subsidized by National Endowment of Arts. It is also the sole dance drama either in Shandong Province or from local colleges across the nation that is funded by National Endowment of Arts.

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