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Founded in 1901, Shandong University is a key comprehensive university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is one of the oldest renowned universities throughout the country and one of the high-ranking universities whose development are given priority by the state. The main part of Shandong University is located in Jinan with several campuses, and it has a branch in Weihai, a coastal city in Shandong province. Shandong University has established an extensive transnational relationship in academic exchanges and cooperation. It has by now set up an intercollegiate collaborating relationship with more than 100 universities in over 40 countries and regions. Since 1980, the university has accepted international students from over 100 countries, and currently, it has around 2,000 regular international students.
Programs for International Students
Shandong University is now made up of 30 colleges, 6 affiliated hospitals, 12 internship hospitals and a postgraduate institute. Currently, the number of undergraduate students has surpassed 40,000 and postgraduate students 10,000. Shandong University provides programs for bachelor’s, master’s doctoral degrees. The above programs cover 11 fields of study, namely, literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, medicine, pedagogy and military science. Shandong University now has 194 doctoral degree conferring programs; 15 postdoctoral research programs; 274 master’s degree granting programs and 8 professional degree granting programs; and 114 bachelor’s degree programs. 
(1)     Undergraduate and graduate degree-granting programs;
(2)     Non-degree granting programs (including general and advanced students, visiting scholar and researcher ), 6 months to 2 years;
(3)     Pre-enrollment training program;
(4)     Short-term courses (including Chinese course, cultural course, and cultural tour course).
Specialty for Undergraduate Degrees
1.          Philosophy
2.          Science of Religion
3.          Economics※
4.          International Economics and Trade※
5.          Finance
6.          Banking
7.          Insurance
8.          Financial Engineering
9.          Science of Law
10.       Scientific Socialism and International Communism Movement
11.       Sociology
12.       Social Work
13.       Politics and Administration
14.       International Politics
15.       Physical Education
16.       Chinese Linguistics and Literature
17.       English
18.       Russian
19.       German
20.       French
21.       Japanese
22.       Korean
23.       Journalism
24.       Advertising
25.       Musicology
26.       Aesthetics
27.       History
28.       World History
29.       Archeology
30.       Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
31.       Information and Statistics
32.       Physics
33.       Applied Physics
34.       Chemistry
35.       Applied Chemistry
36.       Biology 
37.       Biological Technology
38.       Electronic Information and Technology
39.       Microelectronics
40.       Optical Information Science and Technology
41.       Information Security
42.       Material Physics
43.       Material Chemistry
44.       Environmental Science
45.       Ecology
46.       Statistics
47.       Metallic Material Engineering
48.       Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering
49.       High Polymer Materials Engineering
50.       Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation
51.       Material Modeling and Control Engineering
52.       Industrial Design
53.       Process Equipments and Control Engineering
54.       Vehicle Engineering
55.       Test Control Engineering and Equipments
56.       Heat Power and Dynamical Engineering
57.       Electronic Engineering and Automation
58.       Automation
59.       Electronic Information Engineering
60.       Communication Engineering
61.       Computer Science and Technology
62.       Electronics and Technology
63.       Biomedical Engineering
64.       Software Engineering
65.       Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated Systems
66.       Electric Power Engineering and Management
67.       Architecture
68.       Civil Engineering
69.       Urban Underground Space Engineering
70.       Hydrology and Water Resource
71.       Environmental Engineering
72.       Chemical Engineering and Technology
73.       Pharmaceutical Engineering
74.       Communications and Transportation
75.       Logistics
76.       Packing Engineering
77.       Engineering Dynamics
78.       Biological Engineering
79.       Prophylactic Medicine
80.       Clinical Medicine※
81.       Clinical Medicine (7-year course)
82.       Medical Iconography※
83.       Stomatology
84.       Stomatology (7-year course)
85.       Nursing Science
86.       Pharmacy
87.       Management Science
88.       Information Management and Information System
89.       Industrial Engineering
90.       Engineering Management
91.       Business Administration
92.       Marketing
93.       Accounting
94.       Human Resource Management
95.       Tourism Management※
96.       E-commerce
97.       Logistic Administration
98.       International Business
99.       Public Administration
100.    Cultural Assets Management
101.    Library Science
102.    Archival Science
Speciality for Postgraduate Degrees
1.          Marxist Philosophy※
2.          Chinese Philosophy*※
3.          Foreign Philosophy*※
4.          Scientific and Technological Philosophy※
5.          Religion Science※
6.          Sociology※
7.          Social Security※
8.          Social Work※
9.          Political Economics*
10.       Western Economics※
11.       International Economy※
12.       National Economics*※
13.       Regional Economics
14.       Finance* (Including Taxation)
15.       Banking (including Insurance Study)
16.       Industrial Economics*※
17.       International Trade※
18.       Labor Economics
19.       Quantitative Economics
20.       Theory of Law*※
21.       History of Law
22.       Constitutional and Administrative Law
23.       Criminal Law
24.       Civil and Commercial Law※
25.       Science of Litigation
26.       Science of Economic Law
27.       International Law※
28.       Master of Law
29.       Theory of Politics
30.       Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement*
31.       History of the Communist Party of China
32.       International Politics*※
33.       International Relations※
34.       Public Administration※
35.       Ethics
36.       Marxist Theory and Ideological Education*
37.       Higher Education
38.       Linguistics and Applied Linguistics*
39.       Chinese Philology*
40.       Study of Chinese Classical Text*
41.       Ancient Chinese Literature*
42.       Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature*
43.       Comparative Literature and World Literature*
44.       Chinese Folk Literature*
45.       Journalism
46.       Science of Mass Media
47.       Art of Design
48.       Theory of Literature and Art*
49.       Folklore Study
50.       Historical Theories and History of Historical Science*
51.       English Language and Literature*※
52.       Russian Language and Literature
53.       Japanese Language and Literature
54.       Asian-African Language and Literature
55.       Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
56.       Art Theory
57.       Archaeology and Museology*
58.       Historical Geography*
59.       Studies of Historical Literature*
60.       History of Particular Subjects*
61.       Ancient Chinese History*
62.       Modern and Contemporary Chinese History
63.       World History*
64.       Archival Science
65.       Fundamental Mathematics*
66.       Computational Mathematics*
67.       Probability and Mathematical Statistics*
68.       Applied Mathematics*
69.       Operational Research and Cybernetics*
70.       Information Security*※
71.       Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering*※
72.       Systems Theory*
73.       Engineering Mechanics (Science) *
74.       Theoretical Physics*
75.       Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics*
76.       Atomic and Molecular Physics*
77.       Condensed Matter Physics*
78.       Acoustics
79.       Optics*
80.       Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
81.       Materials Physics and Chemistry*※
82.       Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics*
83.       Inorganic Chemistry*
84.       Analytical Chemistry*
85.       Organic Chemistry*
86.       Physical Chemistry (Including Chemical Physics)* ※
87.       Chemistry and Physics of Polymers*
88.       Theoretical and Calculational Chemistry
89.       Nanometer Material Chemistry*
90.       Colloid and Interfacial Chemistry*
91.       Chemical Engineering
92.       Chemical Technology
93.       Applied Chemistry
94.       Botany
95.       Zoology*
96.       Genetics*
97.       Developmental Biology*
98.       Cell Biology*※
99.       Biochemistry And Molecular Biology*※
100.    Ecology*
101.    Microbiology*※
102.    Fermentation Engineering*
103.    Radio Physics*
104.    Optical Engineering*
105.    Optical and Electronical Engineering*
106.    Science and Technology of Optical Information*
107.    Physics Electronics※
108.    Circuitry and System
109.    Electromagnetism Field and Microwave Technology
110.    Communication and Information System*※
111.    Signal and Information Processing*
112.    Material Science*
113.    Environmental Science※
114.    Environmental Engineering*※
115.    Environmental Chemistry*
116.    Environmental Biology*
117.    Management Science and Engineering
118.    Accounting
119.    Corporate Management *
120.    Tourism Management※
121.    Technology Economy and Management
122.    Master Of Business Administration※
123.    Library Science
124.    System Analysis and Integration
125.    Material Processing Engineering*
126.    Packing Materials and Containers
127.    Mechine Manufacturing and Automation*
128.    Mechanical Electronic Engineering*
129.    Mechanical Design and Theory*
130.    Vehicle Engineering*
131.    Chemical Process Equipment
132.    Information Engineering of Manufacturing System
133.    Engineering Physics
134.    Heat Energy Engineering*
135.    Dynamical Mechanics and Engineering
136.    Hydro-mechanics and Engineering
137.    Refrigeration and Microthermal Engineering
138.    Electrical Machinery and Appliance*
139.    Electrical Power System and Automation*
140.    High Voltage and Insulation Technology*
141.    Electrical Power and Transmission*
142.    Electrician Theory and New Technology*
143.    Biomedical Engineering*
144.    Control Theory and Control Engineering*
145.    Examining and Measuring Technology and Automation*
146.    Systems Engineering
147.    Mode Identification and Intelligence Control
148.    Computer System Construction
149.    Computer Software and Theory*
150.    Computer Application Technology*
151.    Software Engineering
152.    Solid Mechanics
153.    Architectural History And Theory
154.    Architectural Design And Theory
155.    Geotechnical Engineering
156.    Structural Engineering
157.    Hydrology And Water Resources
158.    Hydraulic Structure Engineering
159.    Highway And Railway Engineering
160.    Physical Education Sociology
161.    Applied Psychology
162.    Physiology*
163.    Nerve Biology**
164.    Biomedical Engineering
165.    Dissection and Organic Embryology*
166.    Immunology*
167.    Pathogenic Organisms*
168.    Pathology And Pathophysiology*
169.    Internal Medicine*
170.    Pediatrics*
171.    Geriatrics
172.    Neurology
173.    Psychiatry and Mental Health
174.    Dermatology and Venereology
175.    Imaging and Nuclear Medicine*※
176.    Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics*
177.    Surgery*
178.    Obstetrics and Gynecology*
179.    Ophthalmic Specialty*※
180.    Otolaryngology*
181.    Oncology
182.    Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy
183.    Anesthesiology
184.    Emergency Medicine
185.    Clinical Discipline of Chinese & Western Integrative Medicine*
186.    Basic Science of Stomatology
187.    Clinical Science of Stomatology*
188.    Epidemiology and Health Statistics*
189.    Occupational and Environmental Health
190.    Nutrition and Food Hygiene※
191.    Science of Maternal and Infant Care ※
192.    Hygiene Toxicology
193.    Social Medicine and Health Management*
194.    Nursing
195.    Medicinal Chemistry*
196.    Pharmaceutics
197.    Pharmacognosy
198.    Pharmaceutical Analysis
199.    Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy*
200.    Pharmacology*
201.    Ocean Biology
202.    Genomics and Biological Information
203.    Process Hardware Engineering
204.    Electromechanical Products Innovation Designing and Creating
205.    Basic Pharmacology of Medical Science
Note:* indicates doctoral degrees     ※indicates specialties can be conducted in English with a prerequisite of a minimum num of 20 students for Master’s degree, and 15 for doctoral degree.
All the specialties admit general advanced students, senior scholars, visiting scholars, and research scholars.
The language level of international students specializing in Chinese Literature, Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese History, is expected to be above the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Grade 6, other fields should be at least HSK Grade 3.
Fees and Expenses
Science & Technology
Fine Art and P. E.
Bachelor’s degree
General advanced study
Master’s degree
Senior advanced studies
Doctoral Degree
Visiting/research Scholar
General Chinese language study
18000yuan/year   9000yuan/semester
Short-term Chinese language study
l         Registration fee: For short-term studies   250yuan    For other studies       410yuan
l         Medical insurance premium: 600yuan per year in accordance with the insurance standard stipulated in the Chinese government’s scholarship document. 
l         Meal Expense: The daily meal expense is about 10-20yuan for dining at the international students’ dining hall. An alternative is to cook by oneself in the neat and convenient public kitchen.
Note: Prices are marked with Chinese Yuan (RMB)
Accommodation and Living Facilities
In 1994, the College of International Education of Shandong University was established. It is a comprehensive educational institution mainly responsible for the admission, teaching, management of and service for the international students. The college also enrolls domestic students for studies in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics for master’s degree, and students for studies in Education (second language teaching) for dual bachelor’s degree. With many talented and experienced teachers and fine teaching facilities, it also undertakes such programs as training Confucius Institute and Chinese language teachers for overseas schools and institutions. The International Students’ Complex on East Campus locates on the East Campus and west campus, which has sports ground, gymnasium, a café, a shop, public kitchens, a laundry room, public washrooms, shower rooms, and a boiler room where boiled water is available. Single-bad and double-bad rooms are available in the International Students’ Complex, which are furnished with air-conditioner, heat, telephone, and TV Internet socket, some rooms have attached bathrooms. The accommodation fee varies from RMB35~75 per day per room. Students can apply to live outside campus as well.

Welcome to study at Shandong University(山东大学)