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Accommodation & Transportation

Registration Guideline:

1. Register Residence Information

According to the Exit and Entry Bureau of China, you MUST register your residence information within 24 hours after arriving China. Show your passport and register at the university dormitory or hotel you stay in. If you live in friend’s or relative’s house, you should register at the local police station. A fine will be imposed by Police if you fail to do so, which may also affect your visa renewal in future.

2. Registration Venue

Liu Yuan A (Weijin Road Campus), School of International Education, Tianjin University, 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin. Our registration arrangement will be noticed in the university dormitory when you arrive at university.

3. Materials for Registration

Original documents including Admission Notice, JW 201/202, Physical Examination Record, Diploma or Degree Certificate, will be checked during registration. Please also prepare 8 copies of a passport size photo.

4. Fees

You are required to pay off fees in cashwhen you register at TJU. Delay in payment of fees may delay your registration and residence permit. Before you come to China, please make all necessary arrangements to pay your tuition and other fees. Most international debit/credit cards offer cash withdrawals at Chinese ATMs.


Tuition (in RMB/Year)

Bachelor’s Program

General Major: 16,600 (instructed in Chinese)

20,000 (instructed in English)

Special Major (Architecture / Urban Planning / Art Design / Software Engineering / Animation): 26,000


Master’s Program

General Major: 24,900 (instructed in Chinese)

30,000 (instructed in English)

Architectural Major: 31,000 (instructed in Chinese)

39,000 (instructed in English)

MBA: 55,000


Doctoral Program

General Major: 33,200

Architectural Major: 39,000


Accommodation Fee (in RMB)

Single Room: 60/day (without electricity cost) in Weijin Campus

Single Room: 40/day (without electricity cost) in Peiyang Campus


5. How to get to Tianjin University

From Tianjin Airport

The students can take a walk to the Dongqi Factory and then take Bus NO.151 to Hedong Stadium, then take Bus NO.678 to Xihucun.


From the East Railway Station

The students can take Bus NO.832 to get off at Qilitai Station, where the university is located.


Welcome to study at Tianjin University(天津大学)