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Procedures on Going through Residence Permit in Tianjin


International students with X or 30 days L ( travel ) visa, they should go to the Public Security Bureau of Tianjin to apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China, the following documents are required for the application of the residence permit:
1. Valid passport with valid visa
2. The Visa Application for Study in China (JW202/JW201 Form).
3. The university letter of Introduction which marked out the duration of studying.
4. Healthy Certificate.
5. The Admission Notice of Tianjin University rechecked the original of it and hand in the copy of it to the Public Security Bureau of Tianjin.
6. One 2-inch size photo (facing the front, without hat, background not to be red), those who apply for the visa or residence permit for the first time have to hand in the digital photo (25-45 KB, JPEG)
7. The Visa and Residence Permit Application Form.
8. International students living outside of the university should submit the university letter of Introduction and Registration Form of Temporary Resident issued by local police station or the department concerned.
1. Firstly, students should go to of Tianjin with the university letter of Introduction and related documents for verification. (Verification charge: RMB 30 Yuan)
2. Secondly, international students should go to Tianjin Sanitation and Quarantine Station with the verification letter issued by the Public Security Bureau of Tianjin to recheck the Health Certificate.
If the health certificate handed in by the international student is tested and verified as abnormal by the Tianjin Sanitation and Quarantine Station, physical examination must be carried out again, and the expenses are to be borne by the student himself/herself. (Recheck charge: RMB 60 Yuan).
Address of Tianjin Public Security Bureau
No.19 Shouan Street, Minzhu Road, Hebei District, Tianjin
Thursday on Monday: 9:00-17:00
Friday: 9:00-16:00:00
Term of Residence Permit and Its expenses
1-11 months: RMB 400 Yuan.
12—35 months: RMB 800 Yuan.
36—60months: RMB 1,000 Yuan
Address of Tianjin Sanitation and Quarantine Station
No.6 Pukou Road,Hexi District, Tianjin
Monday to Friday: 8:00----17:00
Physical Examination Charge: RMB 369 yuan each person

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