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6-Day Kunming, Dali and Lijiang Bus Tour

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Introduction Provide tourists with featured tours and high-quality service in Yunnan

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Price: From $188 dollars person
Departure time: every day.
D1   Accommodation: Kunming
The touring party will leave for the spring city--- Kunming by plane. After arrival, you will be met at the airport. Then, the touring party will go and check in a hotel.
D2   Accommodation: Lijiang   Meals: lunch
The touring party can view the national AAAA scenic spot--- The Ruins Museum of World Dinosaur Valley on the way to Dali (about one hour). After arriving at Dali, you can go and visit the Dali Ancient City and Foreigner’s Street (about 45 minutes). Then, the touring party will leave for Lijiang by bus. You can visit The Old Town of Lijiang, Square Market and Dayan Ancient Town (about 90 minutes) in Lijiang. You can taste the local snacks of Naxi and experience the distinctive wine bar and coffee bar culture in the ancient city at your own expenses.
D3  Accommodation: Lijiang  Meals: lunch, supper includes Naxi farmhouse banquet
After breakfast, the touring party will go and visit the natural glacier museum--- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic spot (4 hours for the whole scenic spot, price includes the admission ticket, the ropeway of Spruce Meadow, the green car fee). You can view the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Ganhai Pasture, White River and Blue Moon Valley by the ropeway. The outdoor scene performance Impression Lijiang (about one hour) will be given as a gift. Then, you can go and visit the Yushui Village (about 40 minutes) and Black Dragon Pool (about 40 minutes).
D4   Accommodation: Chuxiong   Meals: lunch, supper includes wild mushroom hotpot
The touring party will leave for Dali in the morning. You can visit the Xinhua Ethnic Village, the Folk House of Bai Nationality and taste the ethnic tea of Bai Nationality en route (about 40 minutes). Then, you can go and visit the key historical sites under state protection, the representative construction of Dali--- Three Pagodas (about one hour). Finally, the touring party will leave for Chuxiong by bus.
D5   Accommodation: Kunming   Meals: lunch, supper
The touring party will go and visit the Jade Museum (Jinglan Jewelry or Cuixi Jewelry) (about one hour), Karst Landform Spectacle--- Stone Forest (about two hours) and Colorful Yunnan (about two hours) on the way to Kunming. You can also experience the essential oil shop (about 50 minutes).
D6  Meals: breakfast
After breakfast, the touring party will go and visit the Fresh Flowers Market (about 45 minutes). Then, you will be sent to the airport. And then the happy journey is over.
Reception Standards:
1.    Accommodation: Live in 3-star standard air-conditioner double room during the entire journey.
2.    Meals: 7 dinners (include Chuxiong wild mushroom hotpot, Dali fish in casserole, Naxi wedding banquet).
3.    Scenic Spots: Stone Forest, Foreigner’s Street, Folk House of Bai Nationality, Three Pagodas, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Impression Lijiang, Yushui Village, Black Dragon Pool, Dali Ancient City, Square Market.
4.    Transportation: Air-conditioner touring bus for the entire journey
5.    Characteristics: The tourist guide of Kunming will accompany the touring party during the entire journey, everybody can have a bottle of mineral spring water every day, enter into 3 stores during the entire journey, and you won’t be forced to buy anything.