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Located in Chengdu, a time-honored city famous for its history, culture and landscapes, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) is reputed as "the cradle of China’s national electronic industry ".


In 1956, the inception of Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering (CIRE), which is UESTC at present, ushered in the first higher education institute of electronic information of new China under Premier Zhou Enlai's personal disposal and care. CIRE was, and then created from combination of the electronic divisions of such well-established universities as Jiaotong University, Nanjing Institute of Technology and South China Institute of Technology. As early as in the 1960's, it was ranked as one of the nation's key higher education institutions. In 1997, UESTC was included in the first group of universities in the "211 Project", a national program of promoting China's higher education. In September 2001, UESTC was selected as one of the Chinese universities that gain special financial support from both the Ministry of Education and the local Provincial Government (Project "985").


Today UESTC has developed into a multidisciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education, which has electronic information science and technology as its nucleus, engineering as its major field, and incorporates science, management and liberal arts.


UESTC now consists of 13 schools and the Department of Physical Education, plus Chengdu College and Zhongshan Institute. It offers 41 undergraduate programs, 62 master-degree granting programs, and the MBA and Engineering master programs. UESTC has 36 specialties authorized to confer PhD and 9 for post doctorates.


UESTC is known as the only higher institute in China, which covers all the 6 state key disciplines in electronics and information science.


UESTC has two campuses, occupying 2.67 square kilometers with a total floor space of over 1 square kilometers. It possesses 25,000 sets of equipment, a library of over three million volumes, and a modern stadium with 3,000 seats. Its fixed assets reach 400 million RMB as well as the modern public facilities. UESTC has more than 3,000 faculty members, of whom 6 are academicians of CAS & CAE, 196 are PH.D tutors, 294 are full professors and 471 are associate professors. UESTC has a current enrollment of 26,000 students, including 1,000 PhD candidates and postgraduates. Since its foundation in 1956, UESTC has trained over 80,000 graduates for the country.


In 2001, the campus took on a new look under the restructured and strengthened leadership. Encouraged by the spirit of "strive for the excellent; never settle for being adequate". The new leadership started a new way to make UESTC prosperity. That is, to merge its development with the local construction; to seek support with the best service, to strive to advancement with contributions, to develop UESTC into the resources of High Technologies and the base of cultivating talents with creativity; to run UESTC into a global university featured in electronics and information science. The leadership attaches equal importance to its strategic goal: that is, to turn UESTC into the first-class university leading the world in electronics and information science. The implementation consists of two stages: by 2016, turning UESTC into one of the best universities in China, and by 2036 one of the best universities with the world reputation.

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