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Xuzhou Medical University, situated in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province(less than three hours by train to Beijing or Shanghai), a historical and cultural city known as “Thoroughfares to Five Provinces”, is an institution of higher education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Established in 1958, XZMU has now become the center of medical education, medical service and medical research in the north of Jiangsu Province as well as in the whole Huaihai Economic Zone. It is also an independent higher medical institution with its distinct school characteristic. Since 2001, the college was consecutively ranked before fifty in comprehensive strength of national top medical colleges and universities. In 2005, XZMU successfully completed “Undergraduate Course Teaching Level Assessment by the Ministry of Education” with an “Excellence”. In 2005, XZMU began the education for international students. In 2013, XZMU is successfully authorized the right to grant doctoral degree.

        There are three campuses in XZMU, and now the second extension project of the Main Campus has been put into use. There are 21 affiliated hospitals (two under the direct administration of the college), 15 clinical schools with high quality clinical teaching bases. XZMU has made great efforts to develop constantly, has produced a great number of medical staff for the society, with its study programs expanding gradually, the school strength enhanced, and school characteristic becoming distinct.

        XZMU has about 14,000 students and 1300 teachers, offers a full range of courses for 28 undergraduate specialties, which covers the major medical discipline specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Medical Imageology, Medical Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, Stomatology, Oral Restoration Technology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering and Public Administration, Medical Imaging Engineering, etc. Clinical Medicine and Nursing specialty also recruit international students.

        XZMU began to offer Master Degree programs in 1985, and now the number of the programs has reached 45, of which Clinical Medicine and Biology are first level key disciplines to grant doctor degree. Since 1993, XZMU has been training doctoral students jointly with China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Nanjing Medical University and other establishments in the field of Anesthesiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Neurobiology, Human Anatomy, Histoembryology, etc. The anesthesiology specialty is the school characteristic and superiority. In 1986, approved by the State Educational Committee, XZMU took the lead in the nation to found the anesthesiology undergraduate course specialty. After many years’ efforts, the school has acquired much experience. “Research and Practice on Multi-level Anesthesiology Specialty Education with Chinese Characteristic” won the first prize for state-level teaching achievement. In 2007, the anesthesiology specialty was selected as “Characteristic Specialty Construction Spot of Higher Learning Institutions”.

        The university began to recruit M.B.B.S. international students since 2005, MD/MS program in 2012 and PhD program in 2014, and Nursing international students in 2016. At the same year, XZMU was authorized to hold HSK exam by the Ministry of Education of China and it was the first university HSK site in Huaihai Economic Zone. Now XZMU is on the list of authorized universities to recruit international students by the Ministry of Education of China. With the geographical advantages (airport available, less than three hours by train to Beijing or Shanghai) and full attention of whole college, the education for international student in XZMU developed fast. To enhance the teaching quality, XZMU sent groups of teachers abroad for further study, and invite tutors and experts to university to give guidance and lectures. To improve the study environment, XZMU provides the best playground, stadium, canteen with Muslim food, etc. In student’s dormitory, hot water, heater, air-conditioner, separate toilet and separate washing room are provided. To improve the campus life, School of International Education of XZMU organized various activities. For example, participate in Sports Meeting, Singing and Dancing Competition, Chinese Speech Contest, etc., visit great places such as cultural monuments, parks, social welfare institute, etc. In addition to Jasmine Scholarship of Jiangsu Province, XZMU provides the University Scholarship for excellent international students. Meanwhile, School of International Education also provides Scholarship for international students who have outstanding performance in study, research, life and activities. With the encouragement of provincial and various college scholarships, there are more than 400 undergraduate students and postgraduate students from 50 different countries studying hard in XZMU.

        XZMU lays great emphasis on international academic exchange and cooperation with experts and colleagues from home and overseas. Scientific Development Conferences were held to offer platforms for the faculties and foreign colleagues to make academic exchange. Every year a number of foreign experts are invited to visit the university and some of the faculties are sent to engage in advanced studies in developed countries. During recent years XZMU has hosted many international academic conferences and established multilateral exchange and cooperation with research institutions and medical universities from abroad, such as Medical college of Harvard University, the State University of New York Health Science Center, Parker Medical College of Texas, General Hospital of Massachusetts, Medical College of Wisconsin University USA, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

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