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Chinese Language Training Programs Prospectus 
Program Objectives:
The program is designed to help the international students with their over all Chinese language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that they could better communicate with the language.
1. Distinguished faculty members and an inclusive curriculum  
2. Small class teaching
3. Authentic daily practice and activities
4. Scholarships for excellent students
All instructors are native speakers with profound knowledge of Chinese culture and years of experience in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language.  
◆Admission Requirements
Application prerequisites
Minimum age of 18 years
High school diploma or other higher education qualification
Preparation of Application Materials
Ⅰ. Long -Term Chinese Programs
l   Completed Application Form for study at BFSU
l   Reference statement signed by a referee living in China or abroad
l   Copy of passport and 8 passport-sized photos
Ⅱ. Short -Term Chinese Programs
 Short-term Application Form for study at BFSU
 Copy of passport and 3 passport-sized photos

Welcome to study at Beijing Foreign Studies University Training C..(北京外国语大学培训学院)