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Welcome to Changchun Normal University(长春师范大学)

The Changchun Normal University is located at the vast plain of Changchun. The university was founded in 1958, and it has grown tremendously in the past 50 years. It was officially designated as an “Institution of Higher Learning”, and on 2001and 2007, it was twice conferred the “Award of Excellent”. The university, has in all these years, graduated countless students of Bachelor and Master degrees, who have made a name for themselves in society, and conversely given the school a good reputation.   The Changchun Normal University has a total land area of 460,300 square meters. Its building area is 328,000 square meters. The building area allocated for research and laboratories is 82,125,700 square meters. The library contains 1,074,100 volumes. Entire volumes that are stored in the database is 417,000, and it also has a huge number of completed theses. The school has 1,390 issues of magazines. The campus boasts of a superb gym and an outstanding track and field oval. Modern methodology has been adopted for classroom instruction. Campus internet connection are excellent. Th..View more

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Welcome to study at Changchun Normal University(长春师范大学)