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UNIVERSITY Introduction
China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) is a national key university focusing on Legal Science and covering Political Science, Literature, Historical Science, Philosophy, Economics, Management Science and other majors. Its predecessor is Beijing Politics and Law Institute, which was founded in 1952 by the merge of the disciplines of law, political science and sociology of Peking University, Yenching University, FuRen University and Tsinghua University.

There are now altogether 20 schools (departments) under the university, namely, Law School, Civil, Commercial and Economical Law School, International Law School, Criminal Judicial School, Politics and the Pubic Managerial School, Commercial School, Humanism School, School of Foreign Languages, Sociology School, Marxism School, School of Master of Law, Judiciary Examination School, Continuing Education School, International Education School, and Department of Science and Technology. Today, over 20,000 students are currently studying in CUPL with a teaching staff of more than 1690 members, including 510 professors/associate professors, 126 doctorate tutors and 420 master tutors.

China University of Political Science and Law is the highest institute for legal education in China and serves as an important base for fostering high-level political and legal talents in China. At present, the university boasts 17 undergraduate majors,18 doctorate stations and 45 master’s. It is now one of the seven universities who have the authority to set up undergraduate majors ratified by the Ministry of Education, PRC.

College of International Student is in charge of education administration for foreign students. The University offers foreign students such degrees as Bachelor degree, Master degree programs.

MAJORS Introduction
CUPL offers foreign students with undergraduate, master, doctorate degree programs.

Undergraduate Programs provide 16 majors, which include Law, Sociology, Administrative Management, International Political Science, Political Science and Administration, Public Affairs Management, Business Management, Economics, International Commerce, Philosophy, Legal Journalism, Chinese Language, English, German, and so on.

Master Programs comprise 34 majors, which are Legal Theory, Legal History, Constitution and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Procedure Law, Economic Law, Political Science Theory, Chinese and Foreign Political System, International Relation, Administrative Management, Political and Economy, Enterprise Management, Law and Economy, Logics, Comparative Law, Applied Psychology, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Economy History, International Economy, Industrial Economy, Human Rights, Evidence Law, Legal Language, International Politics, Sociology, English Language and Culture, Journalism, Chinese Modern and Contemporary History and Accounting.

Doctorate Programs cover 16 research areas, which include Legal Theory, Legal History, Constitution and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Procedure Law, Economic Law, Environment and Resource Economy, Comparative Law, International Economy, Human Rights, Evidence Law and Chinese and Foreign Political System.

Any foreigners who present health certificates and other necessary documents concerning their academic achievement can apply to study at CUPL.

Applicants for Undergraduate Program are required to have a schooling equivalent to or higher than that for a Chinese senior middle school graduate and must have HSK Band 5(or higher) Certificates. Those who have no HSK Band 5 Certificates should pass the University (CUPL) Chinese language entrance examination for undergraduate program. Applicants who could not pass the examination can register to study Pre-course.

Applicants for Postgraduate Programs are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, age under 40, and have passed the required examinations.

Applicants for Doctorate Programs are required to have a Master’s degree or equivalent degree (6 years or above after obtaining the Bachelor degree ), age under 45, and have passed the required examinations.

1. Application fee
Undergraduate Program: RMB660
Postgraduate Program: RMB800
Non-degree Chinese Language Program: RMB 350

2. Study Period and Tuition Fee
Academic Period
Annual Tuition Fee
Accommodation Fee
4 years
RMB 20,000
RMB 900
3 years
RMB 29,000
RMB 900
4 years
RMB 33,000
RMB 900
Non-degree Program
RMB 15,000
RMB 900

1. Application Time
Undergraduate program: from March to July. Applicants who can get the application form from the website of College of International Student. (http://cis.cupl.edu.cn)

Postgraduate program: from January1th to January31th. Notice for special program .

Non-degree Program: at any time

Applicants who can get the application form from the website of Graduate School of CUPL.

2. Application Documents
Undergraduate Program:
①Completed application forms provided by College of International Student or downloaded from the website.
②four two-inch photos.
③one photocopy of your valid passport.(passport type must be ordinary)
④official transcript of your academic achievement up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved.(original documents or notarized copies in Chinese or English)
⑤senior high school graduation diploma.(students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date)
⑥a copy of certificate of Chinese proficiency.
Postgraduate program: Applicants who can get the application form from the website of Graduate School of CUPL.
3. Application for visa
Applicants who are accepted to study at CUPL can apply to the Chinese Embassy or consulates in their country or region for visa X with Visa Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW202) and an admission letter provided by CUPL.

Stipend and Scholarship are for the applicant who is outstanding excellent. After students enter the university may apply for the Stipend and Scholarship.

The applicant who is accepted to study at CUPL should register at CUPL at the required time as in the admission letter and pay the tuition fee, medical and contingency insurance fee.

Welcome to study at China University of Political Science and Law(中国政法大学)