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Deputy director of University’s international cooperation and exchange department Guoqiang Li interviewed Education Secretary of The Russian embassy in China.


7, Sept. afternoon, invited by the Russia embassy in China, Prof. Guoqing li from University’s international cooperation and exchange department, prof. Daoxiu Huang from Russa Law research center and Prof. Zhihua Wang from Research Institute of Comparative Law held a conference with Education Secretary of The Russian embassy in China, In the conference, Prof. Li emphasized China-EU School of Law education situation, cooperation mechanism and the achievement evermade since it was found, as well as the cooperation situation with Russia colleges and universites. Prof. Huang and Prof. Wang indicated that they are all willing to make more contribute to China and Russia Law Science communication, and hope to find influential Russia colleges to co-establish Russia Law Science research center in our universites and China Law Science research center in Russion colleges. 
Education Secretary of The Russian embassy express her intest in China-Europe Law school, carefully enquired its operation mode. She thougt that legal problems were increasing due to the frequent conomy trde, tallents who understand Chinese Law in Rassia and tallents who understand Russia Law in China are scarce. So the education secretary wish to research the possibility of buiding Russia-China Law school or Russian-China cooperation in running schools project according to the cooperation expierence of present The Shanghai cooperation organization university.
At end of the meeting, education secretary hoped our university could put forward specific cooperation plan on China-Russia co-built Rusia Law Science Research Center, and said the plan should be submited to relevant departments in Russia to get government support.

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