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1. Introduction
Guilin University is one of four universities in China with the eponym “Electronic Technology”. It was founded and endowed by the Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China. Today, it is considered in knowledgeable circles as one of the five top universities in Guangxi.
Guilin University of Electronic Technology is a state university in the field of Information Technology, with a view to becoming a world-respected center of excellence in exploring and instilling knowledge in areas of electronic science and technology.
GUET’s mission is enshrined in the Chinese ex-President Mr. Jiang Zemin’s injunction: Training more qualified talents for the electronic industry. (Mr. Jiang Zemin visited Guilin University of Electronic Technology in November 1990)
2. Admission Requirements
(1) Be willing to abide by the law of the people’s republic of China and the rules and Regulations of Guilin University of Technology.
(2) Undergraduate: Senior high school education
Postgraduates: Bachelor’s degree or above
(3) HSK level 3 or above
3. Materials Needed for Application
(1) Application Form for International Students to Guilin University of Technology
(2) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners
(3) One photocopy of passport
(4) 6 photographs (passport size)
(5) HSK Certificate
(6) Highest education certificate and transcripts (notarized by the local notarization authorities)
(7) Applicants applying for postgraduate programs submit two recommendation letters signed by professors or associate professors
4. Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fee
Application Deadline
Long-term Chinese Language Courses(Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
7,000 CNY/ semester
March and September
11,800 CNY / academic year
March and September
One-on-one Chinese language Course
100 CNY/ hour
Summer/Winter Camp Chinese Cultural Tour
800 CNY/ week
Undergraduate Programmes
13,800 CNY/ academic year
Autumn Semester: Before Sep 1
Postgraduate Programmes
16,000 CNY/ academic year
Autumn Semester: Before Sep 1
General Visiting Scholars
Liberal Arts, Economics, Management
13,800 CNY / academic year
Autumn Semester: Before Sep 1
Science, Engineering, Fine arts
16,000 CNY/ academic year
Autumn Semester: Before Sep 1

* The above amount would be slightly adjusted according to the current admission policy of GUT.
Other costs
1. Application & Registration fee: 350 CNY / person
2. Student should self pay the extra fees upon the arrival at Guilin University of Technology:
   1) Health Check: 260 CNY (Once Only)
   2) Residence Permit: 400 CNY / year
   3) Health Insurance: 600 CNY/ year
   4) Textbooks: about 300 CNY/ year
5. Programs
Undergraduate Programs
Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Machinery Design and Manufacturing & Automation
Electronic Engineering and Automation
Transportation Engineering
Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering
Micro-electronic Manufacturing Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Faculty of Information & Communications
Telecommunication and Information Systems
Electronic Information Engineering
Electronic Science and Technology
Information Warfare Technology
Faculty of Computer & Control
Computer Science and Technology
Digital Multimedia Technology
Information Management and Information Systems
Software Engineering
Information Security Technology
Network Engineering
Intelligence Science and Technology
Faculty of Design
Industrial Design Technology
Art Design
Faculty of Management
Industrial Engineering
Industry and Commerce Administration
Financial Management
Public Affairs Management
International Economy and Trade
Logistics Management
Faculty of Foreign Studies
Faculty of Mathematics & Computing Science
Information and Computing Science
Applied Mathematics
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Testing and Controlling Technology and Instrumentation
Optical Information Science and Technology
Electronic Information Science and Technology
Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Laws
The Science of Law
Governmental Affairs Administration
Faculty of Informational Material Science & Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Material Formation and Control Engineering
Postgraduate Programs

Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Manufacturing and Automation
01, Mechatronics Technology
02,Modern Design & Manufacturing Technology
03, Technology for the Integration of Manufacturing Information
04,Opto-Mechatronics Engineering
05, Surface Engineering Technology
06, New Material & Technique
07,Precise Modeling Technology
08,Product Modeling Design
Mechatronics Engineering
01, Microelectronics Assembling & Packaging Technology
02,Intelligent Power Electronics Engine Systems & Control
03, Modern Control Technology & Application
04, Micro Mechatronic System Theory & Micro Manufacturing Technology
05, New-type Electrical Implements & Control
06,Power System Computer Protection & Automation
07, Hi-voltage Electric Accessories Control & Fault Diagnosis
08, Real-time Signal Collecting Processing Circuit
09, Power Electronics Drive-line System
10, Electronic Information Material
Machinery Theory and Design
01, Intelligent CAD
02, Mechatronic Products Innovation
03, Intelligent Construction Technology
04, Dynamics of Electromechanical Coupling System
05, Modern Design Theory and Methods
06, Artificial Intelligence & Application
Vehicle Engineering
01, Modern Vehicle Design Theory & Methods
02, Vehicle Computer Testing & Control Technology
03, New-type Fuel Vehicle R&D
04, Intelligent Transportation Systems


Faculty of Information & Communications
Communications and Information systems
01, Wireless Communication Technology
02, Mobile Communication & Individual Communication
03, Wide-band Network Communications
04, Optical Communication Technology & Network
Signal and Information Processing
01,Information Security
02,Self-adapted Information Processing
03, Phonetic Information Processing
04, Image Information Processing
05, Communication Information Processing
06, Intelligent Information Processing
Electronic Science and Technology
01, Physical Electronics
02, Circuit and Systems
03, Microelectronics and Solid Electronics
04, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Physical Electronics
01,Microwave Electronics
02,Optical Information Testing and Processing
03,OptoElectronic Technology
04, Optic Transmission Technology
Electronic Circuit and Systems
01,Specialized Integrated Circuit Design & Application
02,Circuit EDA Technology
03,Nonlinear Circuit Theory & Digital Television System
04, Active-filter circuit & Nonlinear Circuit
05,Communication & Information Processing Integrated Circuit
Microelectronics and Solid Electronics
01, Integrated Circuit& EDA
02, Specialized Integrated Circuit Design & Testing
03, Radio, Microwave Integrated Circuit Design
Electromagnetic Field and
Microwave Technology
01, Ultra-Wideband Microwave Communication
02, Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering
03, Antenna Theory and Technology
04, Radio、Microwave Devices, Circuit and Systems
05, EMC Technology & Environmental Electromagnetics


Faculty of Computer & Control
Computer Application Technology
01, Computer Aided Software Engineering
02, Computer Network and Application
03, Database and Application
04, Enterprise Information Management
05, Internet Information Security
06, Intelligent Computation
Computer Software and Theory
01, Software Engineering &Formal Methods
02, Data Warehouse & Data Mining
03, Know-how Management & E-business
04, Embedded Software and System
Control Theory and Control Engineering
01, Nonlinear System Identification & Information Processing
02, Industrial Intelligent Control & Application
03, Intelligent Sensor & Sensor Network
04, Intelligent Information Processing & Embedded Application
05, Medical Information Processing
Systematical Engineering
01, Modeling and Optimal Control for Complicated Systems
02, Optimization Theory & Methods
03,Intelligent Decision Making Theory & Systems
Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
01, Intelligent Information Processing
02, Pattern Recognition & Image Processing
03, Intelligent Control & Testing System.
04, Site Bus Technology and Application
Navigationguidance and control
01, Vehicle Navigation & Location Setting
02, Wireless Sensor Network
03, Information Amalgamation & Intelligent Control


Faculty of Management
Management science and engineering
01, Technique and Innovation Management
02, Information Management
03, Industrial Engineering
04, Logistics Engineering
05, Project Management
Enterprises management
01, E-Commerce
02, Modern Financial Management
03, Human Resources Management
04, Marketing
05, Enterprises Strategic Management
Industrial Economics
01, Region and Industry Development
02, Industrial Investing & Financing Management


Faculty of Moral Education
Moral Education
01, Principle and Method of Moral Education
02, Online Moral Education
03, Harmonious Society and Regional Development


Faculty of Mathematics & Computing Science
Basic Mathematics
01, Functional Analysis & Operator Theory
02, Ordinary Differential Equation& Dynamics System
03, Partial Differential Equations Theory & Application
04, Computer Algebra
Computing Mathematics
01, Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
02, Research and Application on New Arithmetic
03, Optimized Computing Methods
04, Matrix Theory and Application
Applied Mathematics
01, Wavelet Theory and Application to Signal Analysis
02, Scientific & Engineering Computation
03, Differential Difference Equation Theory & Application
04, Information Security & Applied Cryptography
05, Computing Geometry
Operational Research & Control Theory
01, Optimization Theory and Application
02, Optimization Methods on Scientific Computation
03, Stochastic Operations Research & Application


Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Precision Machine & Mechanism
01, Precise Measurement & Intelligent Control
02, Dynamic Testing & Diagnosis
03, Optoelectronic Measuring Technology & Instrumentation
Testing & Instrumentation Technology
01, Bus Technology on Automatic Testing System
02, Virtual Instrumentation Technology
03, Computer Aided Testing(CAT)
04, Signal Processing & Information Integration System
05, Testability Design Technology
06, Biomedical Electronics System
07, Environmental Monitoring Information Systems
08, Optoelectronic Measuring Technology & Information Processing
Measurement & Automation
01, Automatic Testing & Control Systems
02, Weak Signal Detecting & Processing
03, Automatic Testing Theory & Technology
04, Microwave Detecting & Automation


Faculty of Informational Material Science & Engineering
Material Physics & Chemistry
01, Microstructure & Function of Materials
02, Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
03, Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
04, Material Surface Modification
05, Macromolecular Material Chemistry
Materials Science
01, Advanced Porcelain & Packaging Materials
02, Functional Film Materials
03, New Energy Materials
04, Nano Materaials
05, Material Intensifying and Toughing
06, Novel Macromolecular Material
Microelectronics & Solid Electronics
01, Information Functional Materials and Implements
02, Photoelectric Conversion Material and Implements
03, Thin-film Implements
Material Processing Engineering
01, Novel Material Preparation Technology
02, Material Microstructure & Property Control
03, Material Surface Modification & Intensification
04, Material Molding &Mould Design
05, Numerical Simulation on Material Processing
06, Material Processing Equipments

Chinese Language Program for Overseas Students
1. Chinese Language Training for students who want to study for Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or doctorate degree.
GUET offers flexible modules of Chinese training courses for those students who want to study for degrees in GUET. Many students from Viet Nam or Korea usually take one year or a few months Chinese language training, and then successfully enter into the study for degrees.
2. Special Modules for HSK
GUET also offers some long-term or short-term courses for students interested in learning Chinese language. Guilin, with its two thousand-year history and unique landscape, could be the first choice for students seeking a good, congenial environment to learn the Chinese language. Many students from Europe or Russia have enjoyed their stay in Guilin and they left GUET with warm and pleasant memories together with their HSK certificate.
3. Tour Study and Study Tour
With warm and open arms, GUET welcomes scholars and students from all over the world to have a short stay at the university. You may live in the overseas students’ apartments inside of the campus with fellow overseas students, and enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas, research cooperatively, or experience wonderful sightseeing.

Welcome to study at Guilin University of Electronic Technology(桂林电子科技大学)