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1. Overview
Guangxi Institute for Nationalities in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south China, was founded in 1952.
It has trained over 50,000 professionals, 75 percent of whom are ethnic students, for roles in government, medicine, culture, education, media, and finance.
The institute has a student population of 9,750, with 33 majors ranging from the arts and economics to science and engineering. It has become one of the country's research centers on nationalities, especially the ethnic groups in the autonomous region and Southeast Asia.
Long-term cooperation relationships have also been formed between the institute and local enterprises to transfer its latest research results and high-tech developments into industrialization.
China's 13 institutes for nationalities enroll about 30,000 ethnic students.
2. Admission Requirements
(1) Between 16 and 60 years old, healthy and willing to observe laws and rules of China and this university
(2) Undergraduates: at least senior high school education
Postgraduates: have bachelor’s degree or above
(3) Undergraduates: HSK level is above level 3
Postgraduates: HSK level is above level 6
3. Materials Needed for Application
(1) The completed “Application Form for International Students of Guangxi University for Nationalities” with photos
(2) Diploma, Degree Certificate and school transcripts (notarized statement in Chinese)
(3) One photocopy of the valid passport
(4) Undergraduates have HSK certificate of level 3 or above; postgraduates have HSK certificate of level 6 or above
(5) Postgraduates submit two recommendation letters from two associate professors or the lever above (notarized statement in Chinese).
4. Tuitions and Fees (RMB/)
Student Type
Academic Year/ person
Date of Registration
Students of Chinese Training Program
March / September each year
Liberal Arts
September each year
Liberal Arts
Living Conditions and Facilities
Covering an area of 1,321,999 m2, Guangxi University for Nationalities is located by the side of a charming lake in Nanning, the capital city in Guangxi boasting a reputation of “Land of Songs” and “Green city”. In addition to the beautifully pleasant environment, the exclusive classrooms, language labs and apartments for international students are also provided.
The apartments for international students are equipped with color TV, air-conditioner, telephone, Internet access, desk, wardrobe, bathroom and public kitchen. Besides, hot water is available round the clock. A refrigerator is also available in each single room and twin room. The costs are: a single room ------¥66 RMB / room /day; a twin room ------¥33 RMB / bed /day; a four-bed room ------¥1640 RMB / person /semester.
5. Programs
B= Bachelor’s Program  M=Master’s Program
Administrative Science (B, M)
Aesthetics (M)
Ancient Chinese Literature (M)
Applied Chemistry (B, M)
Applied Mathematics (M)
Art of Broadcasting and Presiding (B)
Artistic Design (B)
Automation (B)
Asian-African Language and Literature (M)
Basic Mathematics (M)
Basic Principles of Marxism (M)
Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology (M)
Biotechnology (B)
Burmese (B)
Cambodian (B)
Chemical Engineering and Technology (B)
Chemistry (B)
Chinese as a Foreign Language (B)
Chinese Language and Culture (B)
Chinese Linguistics and Philology (M)
Chinese Language and Literature (B)
Chinese Minority Language and Literature (Zhuang Dialect) (B, M)
Communication Engineering (B)
Comparative Literature and World Literature (M)
Computer Science and Technology (B)
Computing Mathematics (M)
Contemporary Chinese Literature (M)
Criminal Law (M)
Development History of Marxism (M)
Dossier Management (B, M)
Edition and Publication Science (B)
Electronic Business (B)
Electronic Information Engineering (B)
English (B)
Environment Engineering (B)
Ethics (M)
Ethnic Arts in China (M)
Ethno-economics in China (M)
Ethnology (B, M)
Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (M)
French (B)
History (B)
History of Ethnic Minorities in China (M)
History of Particular Subjects (M)
History of Scientific and Technology (M)
History of the Communist Party of P.R.China (B, M)
Ideological and Political Education (M)
Indonesian (B)
Industrial and Commercial Business Management (B)
Information and Computer Sciences (B)
Information management and Information System (B)
International Economy and Trade (B)
Lao (B)
Law (B)
Library Science (M)
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (M)
Localization of Marxism in China (M)
Logistic Management (B)
Marketing (B)
Marxist Studies Abroad (M)
Marxist Theories and Policies on Ethnic Affairs (M)
Math and Applied Math (B)
Musical Performance (B)
Network Engineering (B)
Physical Education (B)
Physical Education and Training (M)
Physics (B)
Political Science and Public Administration (B)
Procedure Law (M)
Public Affairs Management (B)
Public Policies (B)
Social Security (M)
Software Engineering (B)
Social Physical Education (B)
Social work (B)
Sociology (B, M)
Study of Literature and Art (M)
Technology of Computer Application (M)
Thai (B)
Theories of Political Science (M)
Tourism Management (B)
Traditional Ethnic Sports (M)
Vietnamese (B)

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