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Guangzhou University (GU) is located in the city of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, the frontal of reform and opening. As one of China's ancient cities, Guangzhou is a world-famous business city and tourist resort, boasting very favorable natural conditions, with a mild climate & convenient transportation systems, picturesque scenery, rich cultural heritage and is close to Hong Kong & Macao.

Guangzhou University (GU) has two campuses, which covers a total area of 142 hectares, with a building space of 880,000 square meters: the main campus is situated in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center(Geographically called Xiaoguwei Island in the waters of Pearl River), and the other campus is located in downtown. These campuses have completely-furnished and highly advanced teaching buildings, laboratories, center of art and performance, gymnasiums, library buildings, center of experiment and networks, and student dormitories. All campuses have exuberance of green trees, abundance of lawns and beautiful sceneries, and are ideal for molding the temperaments, studying and doing research.
Founded in 1927 as an old private institution of higher learning in China, now Guangzhou University (GU) is a comprehensive university under jointly administration of Guangzhou Municipal people’s government and Guangdong Provincial people’s government. In 2000, upon approval of the Ministry of Education of China, Guangzhou University (GU) took a new look by merging the tertiary institutions previously known as Guangzhou Normal University, South China University of Construction (west campus), Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Junior Teachers College.

Academic exchanges and cooperation with the outside world have always been an important part of Guangzhou University (GU). It has so far established cooperative relationships in a wide range with universities and academic institutions in such countries as the U. S. A, Australia, France, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and the regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

In order to adapt itself to the social and economic development in the new century, Guangzhou University (GU) is now fully committed to the mission of developing itself into a modern and comprehensive university with an orientation to teaching and research.


Guangzhou University (GU) is a multi-disciplinary university in China whose fields of studies cover 9 major branches of learning, namely philosophy, literature, history, education, science, engineering, economics, law, management. Its 26 schools offer 66 undergraduate programs, 42 master-degree programs and 2 doctoral programs and various other learning programs for international students to choose from.


Guangzhou University is equipped with advanced teaching, research and recreational facilities on its two campuses, including experiment & networks centers, arts & performance centers, sports centers and business & recreational centers. With a collection of more than 2,216,840 volumes, the university library has over 508,546 e-books, over 4,282 full-text Chinese and foreign language journals.

The International Education College of Guangzhou University is a special teaching and administrative unit responsible for the enrollment and placement of international students. There are at present more than 200 international students from over 30 countries throughout the world in the university. The school itself runs an undergraduate program & master program of Chinese Studies in addition to various long and short-term programs of the Chinese language and culture. With students from a great number of nationalities, the school is virtually a miniature international community, which offers the students good opportunities to understand and experience different cultures.

In spite of the quality education that Guangzhou University offers to international students, the tuition for this education is comparatively low, and the living costs in Guangzhou are also much lower than those in many other big cities in China. To encourage students to work hard in their academic pursuits, The International Education College of Guangzhou University has also set up scholarships, which are awarded on yearly basis.


The International Education College of Guangzhou University has a friendly, helpful and experienced staff in addition to a very strong teaching faculty. While offering quality courses in the Chinese language and culture, the teachers and administrators also provide international students with service and consultation in English, Japanese, Russian, French or Korean to ensure their most fruitful and pleasant stay in the university.

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