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Hubei University General Information

Founded in 1931 and considered as a key comprehensive university of Hubei Province in the central part of China, Hubei University now offers 59 undergraduate programs, 107 postgraduate programs and 9 doctoral programs, covering liberal arts, history, philosophy, science, engineering, economics, law, management, education and pharmacy, with 16,000 undergraduates, 3,100 postgraduates and 1000 teachers and scientific researchers on its main campus.


Hubei University is located in the City of Wuhan, the largest metropolis in central China, which is known, economically and culturally, not only as an important transportation hub and technological innovation base but also a tourist centre with an easy access to the world-famous scenic spots in the nearby regions, such as the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River, Wudang Mountains, Shenlongjia Forestry Zone, Lushan Mountains and Yellow Mountains. The university boasts a campus covering a beautiful and peaceful area of more than 150 hectares, featured academically and culturally as an ideal place for the international students to stay and study comfortably and conveniently. Since 1960s, Hubei University has had its enrollment of international students from various countries. Now it has turned out to be one of the most appropriate choices to study in China among international students from all parts of the world.


The International School of Hubei University is a specialized institution in charge of the various kinds of international students’ affairs including enrolment, registration, management, scholarships, Chinese language training, degree programs, and the services of accommodation. Currently it has international students from more than twenty different countries and regions, studying the Chinese language and other degree courses on the university’s campus. Moreover, Confucius Institute Scholarship, the provincial government scholarships, university scholarships and international student subsidies are annually awarded to those international students for their excellent performance in their language studies or the academic degree programs on the campus.


Hubei University welcomes international students from all over the world!


Highlighted Characteristics


1Geographic Advantages

Located at the heart of Wuhan, Hubei University enjoys great conveniences in daily life, such as transportation, shopping and entertainment.


2Scholarships and Subsidies

The provincial government scholarships, university scholarships and international student subsidies can be applied for and annually offered if the international students have registered for at least one-year language program and/or the academic degree programs on the campus. During their stay, the students can be provided with some part-time teaching jobs for subsidies.


3Easy Access to Programs

Degree programs

1 The Chinese Language Undergraduate Program is available at all levels and those who have passed HSK Examination Band 6, can be directly accepted onto the second-year or third-year program.

2 Degree program applicants who have passed HSK Examination Band 3 can be immediately accepted into the first-year undergraduate program in the relevant faculties or departments.

3 Degree program applicants who failed to pass HSK Examination Band 3 can enjoy a 18-week Chinese language course for free after their registration.

Chinese Language Training Program and Chinese Culture Program

1 Classroom teaching: Students are entitled to choose to join in a mass class or a one-to-one class on the basis of their Chinese levels and their own wishes.

2 After-class assistance with Chinese learningA Chinese tutor will be appointed on any international students request.

3 Flexible entry timetwice of entry and registration in February and September respectively, or prompt entry upon the arrival of the international students at any time of the year.


4Variety of Choices

Degree Programs

Currently 58 undergraduate programs, 108 postgraduate programs and 9 PhD programs are offered on the campus. Please find out the details on Course Box on our webpage

Non-degree programs

1) HSK examination trainingChinese Listening, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Reading, Comprehensive Chinese, HSK Model Tests

2)Short-term Chinese training program: Everyday Chinese, Listening, Speaking, Language Practice

3)Long-term Chinese training program:

Beginner: Intensive Reading, Chinese Listening, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Characters

Elementary: Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, Introduction to Chinese Culture

IntermediateIntensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Newspapers-and-journals Reading, News Listening, Introduction to Chinese History

AdvancedIntensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Newspapers-and-journals Reading, Practical Chinese Writing, Translation, Chinese Linguistics

4) Short-term training program for teachers of Chinese:

Teaching of Chinese Phonetics, Teaching of Chinese Grammar, Teaching of Chinese Vocabulary, Teaching of Chinese Characters, Teaching of Chinese Reading, Teaching of Chinese Listening, Teaching of Chinese Speaking, Teaching of Chinese Newspapers-and-journals, Chinese Culture and Chinese Literature


5Small Size of Class:

Maximum of 15 students are grouped in a class for language courses.


6Culture Courses

A variety of special courses on the Chinese culture are offered, such as, Martial Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Operas, Chinese Film and Television, Chinese Board Games and Card Games, Local Cuisine and etc.

Wudang Kung-fu Program is specialized in Tai Chi, Qigong, Wudang Sward and Boxing Games, and together with the Theory of Yin and Yang, Taoist Doctrines and Thoughts, which are packaged in a delivery of courses for three months, six months and one year respectively. In addition, a four-year undergraduate degree program together with the specialized Chinese martial arts courses is available to the applicants.


7Local Services

1) Picking up the new international students upon their arrival at Wuhan Airport / railway station with no charge at the first time

2) Assisting the international students in registration, health-check, application for residence permit and accommodation

3) Arranging a variety of extracurricular activities

4) Organizing investigations into the Chinese society

5)  Organizing cultural tours to the scenic and historic sites (the Yellow Crane Tower the top one of the four famous towers in China, the East Lake the biggest inner-city lake in China, the Three Gorges, Wudang Mountains the cradle of Taoism and Wudang Kungfu)


Entry Time
1、Training Programs:Classes will be offered after applicants’ registration
2、Degree Programs: Feb., 21–25 in Spring, and Aug., 28 –31 in Autumn
Requirements for Application
1)        All applicants should be aged 16 or above and should be healthy. In addition, the applicants for Bachelor, Master and Doctor degrees are expected to fulfill the following requirements:
2)        HSK level 6 for those who are high school graduate or above and want to study the undergraduate programs in Chinese Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy. For other undergraduate programs, HSK level 3 is acceptable.
3)        HSK level 6 for those who have obtained Bachelor Degree and wish to be upgraded to Master Degree
4)        HSK level 6 for those who have obtained Master Degree and wish to be upgraded to Doctor Degree
Tuition Fees
1、Registration fee: 400 RMB / per person
2、Tuition Fees  (RMB ¥)
liberal arts, economics, management, education // science, engineering, computing)

Per academic year / Person
New entry / Per year
15000 // 18000
February and September
18000 // 22000
February and September
24000 // 28000
February and September
Long-term Chinese Language Course
February and September
Small Class:50 /h
One-to-one Class:80 /h
Chinese Culture Training Course
Mass Class:14000
February and September
Small Class:50 /h
One-to-one Class:80 /h
Short-term Chinese Language Course
2400/4ws, 4000/8ws, 5600/12ws

On the campus, there are library, hospital, bank, post office, supermarket, canteens and Internet access, recreation centre, and etc. On-campus dining costs about 500RMB/month.
Three kinds of accommodation are provided for international students:

FeeRMB ¥)
University Hotel
60 RMB/day/person (single room)
40 RMB/day/person (two share one room)
University Apartment
25 RMB/day /person
Water, electricity and gas are not included
International Student Apartment
25 RMB/day /person
Water, electricity and gas are not included

1.      Applicants within Chinese territory are required to make an application no less than two weeks ahead of his/her entry. Applicants outside the Chinese territory are required to make an application no less than four weeks ahead of his/her entry.
2.      Applicant is required to send the fulfilled Hubei University International Student Application for Admission to the International School of Hubei University, together with the copy of the passport, 8 passport photos, application fee (RMB 320), the latest graduation (or degree) certificate (or other relevant certificates), and academic records.
3.      Until after the applicant’s application is approved, an Offer Letter and Visa Application Form For Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW 202 Form) will be mailed to the applicant, with which the applicant is able to finalize his/her issue of visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in his/her own country or region.
4.      Any successful applicant is required to arrive at Hubei University for registration at the right time with Offer Letter and JW 202 Form.

Welcome to study at Hubei University(湖北大学)