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Science and engineering is a general term for disciplines including the natural science, applied science, mathematical logic, as well as the research and process disciplines in computer, information, communication, machinery and other research applications. Beneath are the...... main secondary disciplines: software engineering, communications engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, architecture, civil engineering, aerospace, oil and gas engineering, and so on.

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With rapid development of science and technology, China, the big country of education, has made remarkable achievements in science and technology field. International students will receive abundant and valuable knowledge as well as practice opportunities during their abroad study in China.

With the development of China’s science and technology and economic level, multinational businesses are also developing rapidly in China. International students with their own cultural background will be standing relatively competitive among multinationals.

Chinese culture hereby refers to Chinese and Chinese culture related learning, there are several different directions: Chinese language training, foreign language education, Chinese literature, cultural exchange programs, professional Chinese language programs and so on.......

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Even if the emergence of Confucius Institutes are now expanding among the world, the most favorable routine is still to put one in the Chinese-language based background for language learning and constantly build links under this background. As a Chinese speaking country and also the birthplace of Chinese, China attracts numerous International students to not only acquire the most authentic Chinese language, but also to experience Chinese culture during the study.

Given the rising international status and the rapid growth of China's economy, the Chinese hot has always been the worldwide top topics among International students. Roughly, there are hundreds of Chinese version websites and web pages in world famous international organizations, international companies, international media and world-renowned universities. In some countries, the mastery of Chinese language could be a bargaining chip for job seekers. Students who are not only familiar with their own culture and economy, but also to understand Chinese culture and Chinese will act as an important role in bridging the International trade development between China and the world.

Literature and Art hereby refers to the general term for literature and art learning, including art and design, the news media, foreign literature, drama, opera and other popular subjects.

Ancient Chinese civilization is one of a handful of independent origin of civilization in human...... history, and is the only continuous and non-stopped country in the development of civilization. With the development and reproduction of its civilization, it set the seal on Chinese literature and art. China's various folk art (such as jade, inside-bottle painting, etc.) drama and traditional Chinese opera are inherent with Chinese unique color and is barely to be experienced out of this culturally rich nation.

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After the graduate, you can try to work in a large troupe or related cultural propaganda department, spreading of Chinese unique literature and art to different continents.

Law and Philosophy hereby refers to the general term for law and philosophy learning, including the main secondary disciplines: law, international relations, political science, sociology and philosophy. Law and international relations are the two most popular disciplines among the...... students.

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China is a vast land of a large number of population, the administrative, legal system and political system in China are all deeply related with Chinese characteristics. International students studying abroad in China majoring in law& philosophy and the related profession, can not only learn specific knowledge in their related disciplines, but also can learn Chinese related to cultural and academic backgrounds, earning a better access to relevant practices.

With the trend of globalization, business trades between the countries are keeping the increase, graduates can undertake international legal workers in multinational companies or in national administrations fields, students can also assume management responsibilities of relevant government departments.

Subjects included in this profession are administered primarily economics, management, finance, accounting and other aspects of professional courses. With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more international students choose to study economics and management...... in China. On one hand, the study cost has a great advantage than that in Western countries, also China is a member of the emerging economies, China and foreign enterprises in China play an increasingly important role in the international market. Students specializing in economics and management would start with the very best prospects in China. After graduation, students can engage in business management class to work in industry and commerce and foreign trade, foreign trade, finance, insurance, securities, tourism, real estate and other enterprises.

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Medicine can be divided into modern medicine (which is usually said Western medicine) and Chinese traditional medicine (including medicine, Tibetan medicine, Mongolian medicine, etc.) The study costs would be more affordable and relatively simple to obtain in terms of medical...... degree and certificate physicians if students choose their abroad study in China. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the most traditional one in Chinese medicine; Traditional Chinese medicine is an experience integration of ancient Chinese ancestor, including the years of lessons in life and five Millennium lengthy summaries of the results and practice in medicine. Learn the benefits of Chinese medicine can equip people to deal with the problems that Western medicine medical treatment cannot be involved and solved. The traditional Chinese medicine herbs, massage, massage, smoked bath, acupuncture, qigong health and even our lives living contain theory of Chinese medicine.

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After graduation, students can work in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

Agriculture and Forestry consists of agronomy, forestry, horticulture, veterinary and aquatic disciplines.

China ranked third in global land area, featuring in its diverse terrain; around 67% of its land...... area are covered with mountains, plateaus and hills, and the basin and plain land accounts for about 33% of the land area. China also enjoys the reputation of the one of the countries with the largest amount of rivers, these rivers are not only an important part of the geographical environment, and it also contains a wealth of natural resources. China's grain output also ranked the highest in the world. Students study in China can learn leading science and technology, but also have easy access to a variety of scientific practice.

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After graduation students can go to the country to engage in research and development related units or in production and operations or conduct their own business furniture design and manufacturing, to experience more challenging and creative careers.

Education consists mainly of education, psychology and sports. Education is a society science targeting at the research in the educational phenomenon, educational issues for the study and summarizing the scientific theory and practice of human educational activities as well as the ......discipline to explore solutions to educational activities, practical educational problems encountered in the development process, thus revealing a general education law.

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China is a big country of education and population, China enjoys the largest investment in education, education in China is a top-rated program. From the ancient Confucius, to Tao in modern times, these are all world-renowned educators in China history. China is the Country of Rites, and thus education naturally has its specific advantages.

students can engage in a wide range of industries, including different types of institutions, colleges, community service, counseling organizations, cultural organizations, also can attempt the careers in the judicial system, the National level associations, committees, research and development centers, government ministries of education, financial institutions and even the media industry is also suitable for education majors.

Degree : Subject :
Language :
Program Degree Taught by Tuition Details
Architecture 建筑学 Bachelor's Degree Chinese RMB25000/Y Details
Clinical Medicine 临床医学 Bachelor's Degree English RMB40000/Y Details
Nursing 护理学 Bachelor's Degree English RMB30000/Y Details
Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation 机械设计制造与自动化 Bachelor's Degree English RMB30000/Y Details
Telecommunications Engineering 通信工程 Bachelor's Degree English RMB30000/Y Details
Pharmacy 药学 Bachelor's Degree English RMB35000/Y Details
International Economics and Business 国际经济与商务 Bachelor's Degree English RMB28000/Y Details
Finance (including Insurance) 金融(含保险学) Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Marxism Philosophy 马克思主义哲学 Master's Degree English RMB33000/Y Details
Organic Chemistry 有机化学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Intellectual Property Management 知识产权管理 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Inorganic Chemistry 无机化学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Physical Chemistry 物理化学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Chemical Technology 化学工艺 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Mechanical Engineering 机械工程 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Material Science 材料学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Control Science and Engineering 控制科学与工程 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Computer Science and Technology 计算机科学与技术 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Industrial Catalysis 工业催化 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Chemical Biology 化学生物学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Pathology and Pathophysiology 病理学与病理生理学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Technology Economy and Management 技术经济及管理 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Administrative Management 行政管理 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Structural Engineering 结构工程 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Pathogenic Biology 病原生物学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Epidemiology and Health Statistics 流行病与卫生统计学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Pharmacognosy 生药学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Industrial Economics 产业经济学 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
E-Government 电子政务 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Management Science and Engineering 管理科学与工程 Master's Degree English RMB38000/Y Details
Hygiene Toxicology 卫生毒理学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Sanitation Inspection and Quarantine 卫生检验检疫学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details
Pharmaceutics 药剂学 Master's Degree English RMB48000/Y Details

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