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HUST President Scholarship

I.HUST President Scholarship--English-Medium Master’s Scholarship Programs

About the Scholarship:

In order to build up the first-class university in the world and attract more outstanding students from renowned universities globally, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) has decided to provide 25 President Scholarship Seats from the Year of 2012 to excellent students from those who applied for self-supported study in English-Medium Master’s Programs at HUST.

1. Such scholarship covers a student’s tuition fee but none including those for accommodation, living stipend or any others.

2. Students granted with this scholarship shall be subject to an annual appraisal organized by the university in the end of the second semester. Only the eligible students are entitled to continue to receive the Scholarship in the following year.

Available for Applicants

Master’s degree

Instruction language:


Date of Application:

Applicants shall apply for this scholarship between May 1st, and Julne 30th, 2013.


Students who have applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship but not successful will be directly considered in this scholarship on condition that they submit the online application for this scholarship again.

How to Apply:

1. Register and Login the registration system for Application Online at www.hust.ciss.org.cn

2. Choose the University Scholarship and Submit your application

Necessary documents:

Documents issued in the third language should be notarized in Chinese or English edition

1. Notarized highest diploma;

2. Transcript;

3. Study Plan or research Proposal, 500 words or above, written in Chinese or in English;

4. Two Recommendation Letters from your professors or associate professors;

5. Photocopy of “Physical Examination Form for Foreigners” filled in Chinese or in English.

II.HUST President Scholarship--Bachelor's Entrance Scholarship Program

To encourage high school graduates from all over the world to choose Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) for realizing their dreams, HUST has decided to provide 25 Bachelor's Entrance Scholarship Seats from the Year of 2013 to the promising self-supported Bachelor's Candidates.

About the Scholarship:

As an entrance award for Self-supported Bachelor’s Candidates, It will be a total bonus of 2,000RMB.

Available Applicants

Bachelor’s degree

Instruction language:



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