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    Hebei University of Science and Technology, situated at Shijiazhuang city,capital of
Hebei province, is one of the key multidiscipline universities of Hebei.It was founded in
1996 by incorporating former Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology and Light Industry,
Hebei Institute of Mechano-Electric Engineering, Hebei Textile Staff & Workers University.
    Hebei University of Science and Technology covers an area of 3000 mu, of which 700,000
square meters is the building section. Its fixed assets reach RMB 0.7 billion with 0.15
billion for teaching and research instruments and equipments. Its library collects 1.9
million books, 2,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign scientific magazines, and all kinds of journal databases and foreign science periodicals.
The total storage of digital information reaches 8T. The university now has 2500 staff members, including 1200 teachers and researchers,
600 professors, 16 doctoral advisers and 340 MA tutors, etc. And it has a total enrollment of 35,000 students, including 20,000 full-time
undergraduates and associate-degree students, postgraduates and foreign students, and 15,000 students of adult education.
   The university is a provincial whole with the eight disciplines of engineering,sciences,
arts, economics, management, law and medicine, almost covering Hebei traditional and hight-
ech industries.At present, the university has 17 colleges; 59 specialties for undergradua-
tes;39 disciplines with the right to award MA;3 provincial key disciplines i.e.environment
engineering,chemical technology and computer software and theory;2 provincial key developing
disciplines i.e. fermentation engineering and textile engineering;7 state and provincial
key laboratories and engineering technology research centers i.e. National Environment
Protection Pollution Control Center for Pharmaceutical Waste Water, Hebei Laboratory for
Bio-Technology and Pollution Control, Hebei Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering Research
Center,Hebei Production Process Automation Engineering Research Center, Hebei Contemporary Integrated Manufacturing Engineering Research
Center,Hebei Fermentation Engineering Research Center, Hebei Textile&Garments Engineering Research Center and 3 provincial Demonstration
Center of Experimental Teaching i.e. Life Science and Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Basic Experimental Teaching Center for
Chemical Pharmacy and Production Process Automation Experimental Teaching Center. Furthermore, Hebei Testing Center,Hebei Chemical Testing
Base,National CAD Training Network Grade II Net and Hebei Engineering Graphics Society and some provincial associations are all set in Hebei
University of Science and Technology.
    The university has been committed to the cultivation of innovative talents by practice and endeavored to cultivate advanced applicable
talents with innovative ability and practical knowledge. In recent years, our students have had 300 scientific achievements, of which 76 won
the provincial awards, coming out top in National Challenge Cup, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Undergraduate
Electronic Design Contest. Our graduates are well received in the society and the employment rate has ranked Top Three in the past six years.
In 2005, the university made a survey in 132 units for the graduates’performance. Of 819 graduates, 160 have been in senior management and
369 leading technicians.
    In recent years, the university’s conditions as well as teaching level and quality have
been much improved. With the approval of Hebei Education Examination
Academy, three majors of our university i.e.communication engineering, machinery design and
manufacture and automation and electronic engineering, have been listed in the first
enrollment of Hebei province, which symbolizes that our comprehensive strength and teaching
quality have reached a new high.
    To satisfy the demand of local economic development, the university strengthens the
partnership of industry, university and research in undertaking many key projects jointly, a
new pattern that focuses on applied and development researches as well as basic research. In the past few years, the university has assumed 40
national research programs of 863 Program and NSFC, and hundreds of horizontal programs; its patent licenses ranked first in Hebei in
successive four years, ranking 54th in universities of China; the university’s scientific research funds have also been growing, till 30
million RMB in 2006.
    The university has positively carried out open-policy and constructed cooperation with
46 universities and institute in America, England, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea and
Australia, etc, and developed material cooperation in such fields as credit mutually
admitted, students exchange cultivation, teachers exchange program, cooperation in
scientific research and academic exchange, etc.
    At present, under the flagship of “Focus on man’s all-around development and serve
local economy and social progress”, the whole university has been upholdinging the spirit
of “Advance, cooperate and devote” to stand with the best universities in China.

Welcome to study at Hebei University of Science and Technology(河北科技大学)