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Important Information for International Students
A: Main courses available
a. Modern Chinese                 b. Chinese language and literature
c. History (Chinese history)   d. Chinese muscle art + language
e. Art (Chinese painting)       f. Language training seminar (Long or short program)
B: Admission procedures
Applicants may write to us directly via email, fax and regular mail. Your resume and application are required. We will send you the Visa Application Form and other necessary documents to you as soon as possible.
Students can also download the forms on our website and email us your application forms.
C: Requirements for applicants
a. Pass the Chinese examination (HSK Grade-6) - four year course only.
b. Having senior school diplomas or above.
c. Language training students have no requirements of certificate.
D: School calendar( Registration date)
Spring semester-March 1; Fall semester-September 1. There are 5 days teaching (20 hours) per week. In addition several lectures will be given each semester. For language training students, there is no specific time for the classes to start. Whenever the student numbers is over 10, The class will begin. School can organize tour in China. Students will cover all the costs by themselves.
Students apply for the spring semester must apply before 20 th of January; Those apply for fall semester should apply before 20 th of July.
E: Diplomas and certificates
Students who complete all the required credits and pass the oral defense will get diplomas and related degrees.
Short time training student will get certificate if he/she passes the examinations.
F: Living
Students will live in International Students Apartment on campus.

Basic facilities for the rooms: air-conditioner, TV set, Phone and access to internet.
University will help those would like to rent an on-campus house.
Other facilities available: There is one campus. On campus, there is a post office, bank, clinic and some shops and outside and indoor sports activities such as soccer, basketball, badminton, ping pang and body exercise are available.
G: Payment
Admission fee - RMB 450 Yuan/semester
Internet - RMB 350 Yuan/semester
Four-year program - RMB 22000 Yuan/year
Language training - RMB 7000 Yuan/semester
Room rate
Single room - RMB 60 Yuan/day/person
Double room - RMB 40 Yuan/day/person
Other costs such as food, textbooks, phone bill, internet and medical care etc. will be your own responsibility.

H: Others
a. Students must observe the laws of the People's Republic of China and obey the regulations of     our university.
b.Jilin Normal University will not be responsible for any costs by unexpected accidents.
Colleges & Depts.
Courses of graduate
Chinese Language and Literature
  Chinese Literature
Media Communication  
Science of Literature and Art
Chinese Language and its Characters
Public Administration
Human Resource Management  
Politics and Law
Political Science
Theories of Marxism and Political Science
Editing and Publishing Science  
Specialized History Studies
Chinese Ancient History
Foreign Languages and Literature
English Language and Literature
Education for Elementary School Teachers
Educational Psychology
Fine Arts
Art Design  
Basic mathematics
Condensed Physics
Information Engineering
  Electronic information Engineering
Communication Engineering 
Inorganic Chemistry
Environment Engineering
Environment Engineering
Tourism & Geography
Geographical Information System
Management of Tour Service  
Computer Science
Computer Science and Technology
Audio-visual Education
  Audio-visual Education 
Physical Training
Physical education
College of Economy
International Economy and Trade

Welcome to study at Jilin Normal University(吉林师范大学)