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Accommodation & Transportation
The dormitory status of main campus is as follows:
A double room: two beds, an air-conditioner, two bookshelves, two wardrobes, two tables and chairs, access to internet, telephone (a telephone card is needed to make phone calls), balcony, toilet/shower access
The dormitory status of College of Chinese Language and Culture is as follows:
A single room: one bed, an air-conditioner, a bookshelf, wardrobe, one table and chair, network, telephone jack, toilet/shower access
Each student shares the same sitting room equipped with water machine, refrigerator, television and some other simple furniture with other students in the same floor. 
Before checking in at the students’ dormitory, the occupants have to notice the following items:
1. You may move into the assigned unit on the date and time stated in the assignment letter.
2. You have to sign the room-condition report before moving in. Signature on the report means that you have to be responsible for the damages and missing items.
3.If you live on the main campus, you’d better go to the office located on the first floor of students’ dormitory Number 18 to deposit some money for the payment of the electricity before moving in.
4. Tap water is not drinkable in China. Please get boiled water from water heater located on each floor. Students could rent water machine at the service desk of each building.  
5. Students should take care of their personal belongings and important credentials, take preventive measures against theft, and keep the door locked each time when going out.
By plane
The easiest way to reach Jinan University is to fly in Guangzhou directly. There is a taxi ramp outside the entrance to the airport. It will cost you around 120 RMB from the airport to the campus. You can also take the Airport Express shuttle bus, which takes about 22 RMB, to the downtown and then take a taxi to the university. Line II connects the airport with Guangyunlou, which is near the North Gate of the university and Line VI goes to Jinhan Station of Zhujiangxincheng, which is close to the South Gate of the university. There are also buses between the university and the said two stations. From the West Gate to Guangyunlou: Bus 177, 178 and 194; From the South Gate to Jinhan Station: 292, 562, 517 and 43.
By train
There are two railway stations in Guangzhou; the old one in the west and the new one in the east. If you come by train from Hong Kong, the East Station would be your destination. You could take bus NO.177 or 515 to the West Gate of Jinan University. You also could take taxi. The fee would be around 16 RMB.

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