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Lanzhou University of Technology is located in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu Province, China. The city lies on the upper reaches of the Yellow River (Huang He) in an elongated valley and is approximately 30 kilometers in length. Once a significant fortress on China’s historic Silk Road, the city has developed into a major transportation and industrial center.
Lanzhou University of Technology was established in 1919 as an Technical School. In 1958 the school was renamed Lanzhou Polytechnic Institute; and in that same year, after a merger with Gansu Communication College, the Institute was renamed Gansu University of Technology. In 1965, the University expanded it specialty curriculum when three specialties from Northeast Heavy-Machine Building Institute and one specialty from Beijing Machine-Building Institute became a part of the University. The above specialties were a part of First Machine-Building Industry Ministry of China prior to transfer. Subsequent to the reorganization of the State Council of China in 1998, the University’s administration is under the control of both the central and local government, with the local government having the major responsibility for operation. The University was renamed Lanzhou University of Technology in May of 2003, following approval by the Education Ministry of China.
Lanzhou University of Technology is a comprehensive and well-recognized scientific and technological institution of higher learning. The University has great strength in engineering, a strong foundation in the science fields and excellent programs in liberal arts.
The University is comprised of fifteen of fifteen (15) colleges and departments, forty-two (42) Undergraduate and Specialty programs, twenty-three (23) Masters Degree programs, two (2) Doctorate Degree programs, one (1) National Key lab, five (5) Provincial Engineering Investigation Centers, and thirteen (13) University Enterprise Engineering Investigation Centers.
The University’s administrative and academic staff exceeds 1,900 persons, including 400 professors and associate professors. The University has a total of 22,000 registered students, of which 14,000 are full-time specialty and undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students.
The campus has a land mass area of 700,000 m2 and building area of 400,000 m2. The University’s Library has in excess of 550,000 books and magazines. The Library’s cataloging system is managed automatically with information searching and literature transferring service on the network. A campus computer system with information management and teaching platform is available.
The university promotes quality education for its students and constantly improves its educational and teaching procedures, as well as the quality of its educational system. In so doing, the university uses the principles of “thickening the base, broadening the caliber, and enhancing the quality” when teaching students to master their cognitive skills. As a result, the university has won two national awards for “Excellent Teaching Achievement of Class I”, six awards of Class II, and more than thirty provincial awards for “Excellent Teaching Achievement”.
The university promotes the use of the modern technology, especially information technology, to remodel its traditional specialties and improve the quality of the learning process.

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