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       Liaoning Normal University (LNNU) is a comprehensive university which consists of many different fields of study, such as literature, natural science, management, law, education, foreign languages, art etc. It is a key university put into a development project in the province of Liaoning. It is an important base that provides qualified teachers for basic education and trains other personnel needed for building a modern society. The strength of the qualified teachers is abundant, at this moment there are 2 employed academics, 1 member of the State Council branch for science, 194 professors, 339 vice-professors and 330 lecturers. The university consists of 22 departments, 65 undergraduate course specialities, 6 key branches at the provincial level and key foster branches, 2 provincial level key laboratories, 3 key research bases for social science,13 post programmes, 97 doctoral programmes, that form a new educational system with better standard, more disciplines and specialities. The University also includes the Ministry of Education sponsored Research Institute of Basic Education, the Ministry of Education base for researching social sciences, an Authorized National Information Training Center, the Chinese Language Studying Center. In addition, LNNU is actively developing international academic exchange and cooperation, and it has successively signed agreements with many international and regional institutes and science research organizations, and therefore raised its international reputation. The university campus occupies an area of 116 acres, with a total building area of 590,000 square meters. The school facilities are advanced, the library has a rich collection of books and it has just set up the electronic system for looking up the documents and literature. The university has an established internet centre with stable, well-equipped and high-effective intra network. Moreover, it has a plastic cement athletic court built by state standards, a court for badminton, tennis and basketball courts and many other sport facilities. Today, taking the need for the reform of basic education in Liaoning province as well as the development of economy and society as a base and according to the demand that the nation vigorously develop industry of NE China, the university has posed the aim to persist on reforming and developing education, as well as developing economic and social services. It regards undergraduate education as the most important, energetically develops post-graduate education, appropriately develops adult education and education of foreign students as well as all other forms of education. It has created a coordinated development of both pedagogical and non-pedagogical fields of study, and the integral system of training doctors, postgraduates, undergraduates and foreign students. The university is striving to become a national base for researching human and social sciences, and to build one of the nation’s best distinguished and prominent comprehensive universities that educate teachers.

Welcome to study at Liaoning Normal University(辽宁师范大学)