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Welcome to Nanchang Institute of technology(南昌理工学院)

     The Nanchang Institute of Technology locates in the provincial capital of Jiangxi- hero city,Nanchang, established in May of 1999,whose predecessor is Jiangxi Hangtian Science and Technology Institute of higher learning of undergraduate course administrative level run by the local people.
     NIT cover an area of 4603 square meters,in which its floor space reaches 719800 square meter.The campus environment is fine,having been called an advanced unit of the part of Nanchang for afforesting,blending in science and technology,numeral, ecosystem,humanities and natural as an integral whole.Various athletics cultural facilities are well-found.In addition,this college oqns books and reference materials of 581000 volumes, owns many teaching instrument equipments totally being worth 620000 dollars, and owns some good practice and experiment base.
     Under the college there is a computer science and software engineering department,a light information electrical engineering department, an economic management department,a foreign lang..View more

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Welcome to study at Nanchang Institute of technology(南昌理工学院)