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Accommodation & Transportation
On-campus Lodging:
a. Nanshan Hotel is comprised of the South Building (33 standard rooms, 15 average singles, 20 average doubles, and 90 ordinary doubles) and the North Building (30 average doubles). It can accommodate a total of 300 international students.
b. Lodging Procedure:
① Admittance Letter, Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202), and passport are required.
② There is a 100 Yuan key deposit required. Self-financed students are to pay the lodging fee for the current month, and a room deposit equal to one month's lodging fee. The lodging fee for the following month should be paid between 25th and 30th of each month. There is an overdue fine of 2% of the lodging fee for each day late, if the payment is delayed one month, the room deposit will be held in pledge.
Off-campus Lodging:
There are many kinds of housing agencies in Nanjing through which students can learn about different room charges, which may vary from 500 Yuan to 1500 Yuan a month. Students can choose between a one-room-one-parlor suite and a three-room-one-parlor suite, and talk to the lessor over the charges according to their own individual needs.
How to get to CCNU
1) From the Railway Station to NNU, you may take 
a. Bus No. 13: Exiting the station, turn right, walk for three minutes, and you'll be at the No.13 bus-stop. After ten stops, get off at WuTaiShan BeiZhan, and a five minutes' walk will take you to the school.

b. Bus No.1: Exiting the station, turn right, walk for three minutes, and you'll be at the No.1 bus-stop. After five stops, get off at Gulou, cross the street and transfer Bus No.3, ride another fifteen stops, get off and turn right, walk for three minutes and you'll be at the front gate of NNU.

Note: All the buses in Nanjing are self-service (no conductors). Wherever you ride, you only have to pay one Yuan. This requires that you keep exact change on hand.

c. Taxi: Exiting the station, turn left, walk for one minute and you'll be at the Taxi Reception. The starting price of Satana, Xiali, and Fukang is 10, 7, and 8 yuan respectively, and it will cost you 25, 16, and 20 Yuan accordingly to be taken to the school. Each taxi will take you to the very gate of Nanshan Hotel.

2) From the airport to NNU, you may take
a.The airport bus: Ride the bus until you come to the Xinghan Building at No.200 Hanzhong Road. The cost is 25 Yuan. Take a taxi to the school for 7 to 10 Yuan.
b. A Taxi: A Jitta, or Santana, or FuKang will cost you 150 Yuan or so from the airport to the very gate of Nanshan Hotel of NNU.

Welcome to study at Nanjing Normal University(南京师范大学)