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Application Requirements for Short-term Students in Nanjing Normal University


For international students who want to study in Nanjing Normal University for a short-term, they should pay attention to the following tips in the application requirements and other information.
1. Applicant's Eligibility and Materials Required
Applicants must be 15 years or older and be in good health. The student must provide a photocopy of their passport.
2. Registration Schedule
Registration for the winter holiday: Before January 17.
Registration for the summer holiday: Every year before July 1.
3. Application Procedures
a. After registering through telephone, mailing in application or online, obtain a "Registration Form for Foreign Students" form.
b. After the University has accepted your application, the University will mail the "Admission Notice" to you.
c. Apply for a student visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy.
4. Term of Study
   1-8 Weeks
5. Tuition
First two weeks: RMB 850 per week, after the third week RMB700Yuan/ per week;
Registration Fee: 350 RMB (400RMB from Feb. 2008); and Books and materials
6. Lodging Expenses
A two person room at the Nanshan Hotel charges a rate of RMB 45--100 per person per day. A two person dormitories at Nanshan Hotel are RMB 4200--4800 per person per semester.
7. Contact Information
Address: College for International Students, Nanjing Normal University    Room No.111, Building No.200, #122 Ninghai Road, Nanjing 2190097 P.R. China
Phone Number: 0086-25-83598326
E-mail: iso@njnu.edu.cn

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