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About the International Students Program

Nantong University offers an excellent learning environment and convenient living facilities.The university places its emphasis on training applied talents. All specialties are available for international students with qualified teaching staff and facilities, especially in the field of Clinic Medicine and in specialties with a focus on Chinese culture, tradition and language. For 15 years, the university has successfully organized summer Chinese training courses for foreign students. The participants in these courses gave high praise to the excellent teaching and high-quality services.


Types and Entry Requirements:

1. Undergraduates: High School diploma or equivalent certificate holders, under the age of 30, healthy.

2. Masters degree candidates: bachelors degree or equivalent certificate holders, recommended by two professors or associate professors, under the age of 45, healthy.

3. Short-term Training students: junior middle school graduates, age 16-65, healthy.

4. Long-term Training students: senior middle school graduates, under the age of 65, healthy.

5. Senior Advanced-study students: masters degree or equivalent certificate holders, under the age of 45, healthy. Students can do research on certain subjects under the professors’ supervision.

Note: if applying for non-English courses, applicants must provide the score of HSK 6. Otherwise, candidates are required to take language courses first.



Application Procedures:

1. Applicants seeking admission may submit a written application. The time of application for education programs is prior to June of each year.

2. Applicants should fill in the “Application form for International students” and mail it to International Office of the University with the application fee and certain notarized education documents.

3. Upon verification, the International Office will issue a “JW 202 form” and an “Admission Notice” to the qualified applicants.

4. Admitted applicants should go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country to apply for a student visa (F or X visa) with the above-mentioned documents.

5. Applicants will register at Nantong University as required in the “Admission Notice”. The Academic year starts during the first 10-day period in September.



Fee Items:

1. Tuition:

Types of International students

Fee standard


Medicine, Arts


Other Specialties

RMB 16000 per year

Masters Degree Candidates

RMB 25000 per year

Senior Advanced-study students

RMB 25000 per year

Long-term Chinese Training students

RMB 16000 per year

Short-term Chinese Training students

RMB 2500 per month

NOTE: Tuition fees must be wholly paid on the registration day in American dollars, Japanese yen or Chinese RMB. Short-term Chinese language students pay tuition according to the semester. No refund will be allowed if a student transfers to another school halfway for reasons not due to the responsibility of NTU or is expelled from school due to violation of school rules and regulations

2. Admission fee: RMB 200 yuan per person. Students must pay when applying for the admission.

3. Registration fee: RMB 200 yuan per person. Students must pay in the first year of arriving.

4. Book Fee and Teaching Materials Fees: Students pay according to what happens actually. Fees must be paid in advance at the beginning of each academic year, and be balanced at the end of each academic year.

5. Accommodation: RMB 400 for a standard four people's room per person per month. Students can pay at the beginning of every semester of every academic year.

6. Food costs: The cost of food is borne by the students themselves. The school canteens serve many different kinds of food with many possible choices. The average food cost is about RMB 500-800 for each person per month in the canteen.

7. Medical Charge: If students get sick during their academic study, they can consult the doctor in the university clinic or the hospital, and bear all expenses for this by themselves. They are supposed to have bought medical insurance before coming to China .

8. Insurance fee: The cost of insurance is borne by the students themselves.

Remarks: Above-mentioned fees shall change according to requirement from the government from time to time.

Remarks: Above-mentioned fees shall change according to requirement from the Chinese government from time to time.

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