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     Nantong University is located in Nantong, a coastal city in the east of China. It was approved to establish by China's Ministry of Education in May 2004 as a comprehensive university through the amalgamation of three former colleges: Nantong Medical College, Nantong Institute of Technology and Nantong Teachers College. With a history of nearly 100 years and an impressive breadth of disciplines, Nantong University has leading graduate, professional, and undergraduate programs in a variety of fields, including programs in literature, science, economics, law, education, history, engineering, medical science, and management. There are now 22 schools offering 78 undergraduate programs, 43 master programs and 1 doctor program.At present, more than 2600 staff is working here and more than 30000 fulltime students are studying here, among which 240 are international students.
NTU offers programs with rich opportunities for students at home and abroad to match their desire to develop intellectually and professionally.

      Nantong University offers an excellent learning environment and convenient living facilities.The university places its emphasis on training applied talents. All specialties are available for international students with qualified teaching staff and facilities, especially in the field of Clinic Medicine and in specialties with a focus on Chinese culture, tradition and language. For 15 years, the university has successfully organized summer Chinese training courses for foreign students. The participants in these courses gave high praise to the excellent teaching and high-quality services.

Welcome to study at Nantong University(南通大学)