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Accommodation & Transportation
General condition: The foreign students’ apartment is situated in the Beijing northwest school district, the campus has excellent surroundings, the facility is complete, the room has the bathroom, the telephone, the air conditioning, individual furniture, the surfer connection and so on, in addition, the communications are very convenient, outside the school gate there is the bus which can go directly to the town center.
Expense: 70RMB/day for single room
How to get to Peking University
If you will be landing at Capital Airport, you are advised to take the bus of the airport (from the airport to Zhong Guancun), get off at the terminal, then walk to the west about 300 meters and then walk to the north, you can get Peking University.
If you start from Beijing Railway Station, you can take the bus No. 808 to the Zhong Guancun Station, get off and you can find the southern gate of Peking University.
If you start from Beijing Western Railway Station, you can first take the bus No.6 to the Zhong Guanyuan Station, then you can find the university; or you also can take the bus No. 982 from Beijing Western Station, and get off at Zhong Guanyuan Station.

Welcome to study at Peking University(北京大学)