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Medical College医学院
List of Subjects
1 Clinical Medicine (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Medical Image (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Preventive Medicine (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Oral Medicine (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Medical Tests and nursing (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Clinical Medicine (Master)   Apply
7 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Master)   Apply
8 Pharmacology (Master)   Apply
9 Pathology and Physiology (Master)   Apply
10 Physiology (Doctor)   Apply
11 Neurobiology (Doctor)   Apply
12 Pathogenic Biology (Doctor)   Apply
Qingdao University Medical College is one of the colleges accredited to grant Master’s degrees by the State Council. Founded in 1946, it was named National Shandong University Medical College. In 1956, it was built separately and named Qingdao Medical College. In 1993, it was merged with three other major universities and named Qingdao University Medical College.
The Medical College of Qingdao University is composed of the Basic Medical College, the College of Nursing, the College of Public Hygiene, the Stomotology Department, the Pharmacy Department, and the Biology Department. The college covers 9 undergraduate majors including Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Stomotology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Biological Technology, as well as Food Science and Engineering. It runs 6 doctoral programs; 4 first-level masters’ programs including Basic Medical, Clinical Medical Biology and Stomotology; and 45 second-level master’s programs. Current enrollment totals over 5500 students, of whom 3205 are undergraduates, 852 are postgraduates, 40 are doctors and over 1500 are students from continuing education. With 600 teachers and faculties ranking includes 69 full professors, 105 associate professors and 401 visiting professors. The College runs 6 affiliated hospitals and 11 teaching hospitals including 7 “Third-class prime level” hospitals and 16000 wards for teaching and internships.
The Medical College of Qingdao University rapidly improves research. Presently, it has 1 Provincial Research Center; 6 research institutions; 8 prime academic laboratories of the Provincial Education Department; 9 prime academic laboratories of the Provincial Hygienic Department; and 52 Research offices for basic and clinical teaching.
The college is experiencing broad development in international exchange and cooperation. It has established partnerships with several universities and colleges in many countries and regions, including the USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Length of Study
Undergraduate program: 4 years
Postgraduate program: 2-3 years
Doctoral program: 3-5 years
Application time
For the applicants, the time for application is March to June.
Requirements for Admission
Applicants must be in good health and aged 18 or above .They must hold their native passport. Meantime, they must be high school graduates. Moreover, they should prepare the application form of Qingdao University, certificate of the high school, certificate of the HSK6, a copy and four photos of the passport.
Tuition Fees
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Undergraduate programs
Postgraduate programs
Doctoral programs

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