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Accommodation & Transportation
Students are expected to live in the International Students Dormitory, where single and double rooms are available. Every room is equipped with central heating facilities and a telephone set. Rooms have private shower bath and toilet; all rooms are installed with air-conditioners. E-mail terminal, public kitchens and washing machines are also accessible to students in the dormitory.
Accommodation Fee
Double room
¥8000 per year
Single room(South side)
¥9800 per year
Single room(North side)
¥9500 per year
How to get to ECUST
From Airports to the University
The students can take line 373 to Sifang and then take line 227 to the university.
From Railway Station to the University
The students can take line 321 or 316 to the university and line 321 is to the east campus.

Welcome to study at Qingdao University(青岛大学)