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                                      Admission Regulations for International Students
1. A Survey of the Shenyang Conservatory of Music
Shenyang Conservatory of Music , the best famous school of music and dance in the Northeast of China , was founded in 1938 as Luxun Academy of Arts by Mao Tzedong , Chou Enlai an some of the CPC leaders who initiated and established in Yan’an , the town of Shanxi provice in the Northwest of China . In the early period of the new China , the school was moved Shenyang and renamed Shenyang Conservatory of Music in 1958 .
 Nowadays the SCM is a large music college of four campuses ( Major Campus , Chanqing Campus , Taoxian Campus and Dalian Campus ) , which consists 12 departments including Composition , Musicology , Vocal , Chinese vocal , Winds and strings , Chinese instruments, Keyboards, Music education, Popular music, Electone , Instruments craft , Dance , offering quality undergraduate , graduate , and professional studies to approximately 8,000 students who are diverse in age . The organization of the SCM is formulated and controlled though the management of the leadership at the central campus located at No.61 , Sanhao Street , Heping District , Shenyang.
Guide to International Students of SYCM
With our open, friendly atmosphere, small classes, strong academics and diverse mix of international students, Shenyang Conservatory of Music is a rewarding place to get an education. 
Postgraduate: Those undergraduates who have achieved a high level in their majors with a demonstrated research ability may apply for postgraduate admission. After admission, they may study according to the teaching system and teaching plan of the SYCM's postgraduates (3 year program). When they complete their study plan, pass the examinations and complete their postgraduate dissertation, they will be awarded the Master's Degree.
Undergraduate: Those who are the equivalent of the level of Chinese senior middle school students may apply for admission. After admission, they may study according to the teaching system and teaching plan of the SYCM's undergraduates (4 years program and 5 years program for composition and musicology. They study the requisite core courses in the same class with Chinese students with the exception of their major course. International students may add or reduce some courses according to different conditions of the students. After passing the examinations and dissertation, they will be awarded the Bachelor's Degree.
Ordinary Further Study: The SYCM is open to graduates of middle schools of all nationalities up to 16 years of age. After admission according to the requirements & actual conditions of the students, they may study their specialty and the requisite core courses. They may also add other courses. There is no time limit. Upon passing the examinations, they may be awarded certificates of further study.
Chinese language learners: Those who would like to master Chinese quickly, and speak Chinese in a short time may apply for this program. There is no time limit. In additional to learning Chinese language (small class), students can also apply for selective courses for Instrumental performance, singing and drama according to their interests.
Short-time major training: Those who hope to improve their professional levels in a short time may apply for it. There is no time limit.
Short - term tourist class: Those who are interested in Chinese history, local customs and traditional culture may apply for the class. Courses include sightseeing of the Chinese scenic spots and historical sites, and learning local traditional customs & folk music. This course lasts 15 days.
Chinese Cultural Experience Class: Those who are interested in Chinese traditional culture may apply for the class. Courses include introduction to Chinese traditional culture, various traditional instruments and experience in Chinese families. One week for the class.
3. Admitted Departments and Specialities
Research Direction
Musical acoustic director,
Computer music and recording art
Popular music
Composition:popular music composition and MIDI music technique
Musicology (including music theory, critics, edition, management and spread
Music education
Music education & performance:music education & & performance ( singing / piano )
Instrument making & repairing
Piano tutor & performer, violin making & performing, Chinese traditional instruments making & performing(Konghou, Guqin, Zheng, Erhu, Matouqin
Orchestra conductor
Western Vocal
Chinese vocal
Chinese traditional Instruments
Bamboo flute, Shen、Suola、Erhu、Banhu、Yangqin (dulcimer), Pipa, Zhen, Liuqin,, Zhongyuan, Guqin, Cello, Bass, Percussion(traditional)performing
Piano, accordion performing
Electrical piano(Two-rows electrical piano)performance
Popular Music
Singing, Keyboard instrument, Saxophone, Guitar, Electrical bass, Percussion(popular)performance
Dance education & performance
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Percussion, Bassoon, horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Oboe, Clarinet
4. Tuittion Type
Postgraduate: RMB32, 000 a person per year
Undergraduate: RMB 30,000 a person per year
Ordinary Further Study: RMB 25,000 a person per year
Chinese Language Learner: RMB8,000 a person half year
Short-term professional training: RMB 4,000 a person per month
Short-term tourist class: RMB 6,000 a person per term
Chinese Cultural Experience Class: RMB 2,000 a person per term
Standardized International Student Apartments of the SYCM are located on campus. Room facilities are complete. The rooms are equipped with computers, bathrooms, washing machines, telephone, TV, refrigerator, microwave and kitchen. Single rooms are charged for US $ 7 per day; Double rooms are charged for US $ 4 per day per person.
Fall Semester begins on Sept.1: Please apply before July 1.
Spring Semester begins on March 1: please apply before January 1.
Applicants can directly contact the International Exchanges & Cooperation Office for more detailed information. For special cases, students can apply and be admitted at any time.
Applicants may directly contact the International Exchange & Cooperation Office of the SYCM and submit the following:
a. Completed application for enrollment form (two copies)
b. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners
(Contact the Chinese local embassy and make a physical examine at the appointed hospital).
c. Your final graduate certificate and score record (notarized copy)
d. Five passport photos
e. Application fee of US $ 80 (non-refundable)
If an international student is admitted by the SYCM, he must register according to the date of admission notice. Any registered foreign student must go through formalities such as accommodation, sanitary and anti-epidemic check, resident certificate, and tuition fees. International Exchange & Cooperation Office of SYCM warmly welcomes international students and provides counseling and good service.
SYCM welcomes all international students!

Welcome to study at Shenyang Conservatory of Music(沈阳音乐学院)