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International students have the following options in Taishan Medical University.
(1) Undergraduate or postgraduate programs
(2) Visiting student status (non - degree) for one or two years
(3) Short-term language courses or Chinese Studies programs
Programs and Application
1.Long-term Programs
Undergraduate Programs
Application prerequisites: Below the age of 40, with a senior high school diploma and excellent academic record, and having passed the entrance examination.
Application materials: Taishan Medical University Application Form for International Students, a personal résumé, high school diploma, official transcripts for the last three years of senior high school, a letter of recommendation from the applicant's graduating high school, three passport-sized photos, and a photocopy of passport. The submitted materials must be original documents or notarized copies, and may be either in Chinese or English.
Application submission period: Applicants are required to submit application materials to International Exchange Office before July 1.
Application fee: USD 30 (cash or traveler's check). No reimbursement.
Master's Degree Programs
Application prerequisites:
For Master's program: Below the age of 45, with a Bachelor's degree, and having passed the entrance examination of Chinese for Master candidates. 
Application materials:
For Master's program: Taishan Medical University Application Form for International Students, a personal résumé, graduation certificate and Bachelor's degree diploma, official undergraduate academic transcripts, a photocopy of passport, and two letters of recommendation from the applicant's professors (associate or higher rank), or from persons of similar standing.
Application submission period: Before July 1.
Application fee: USD30 (cash or traveler's check). No reimbursement.
Notification of admission: Upon acceptance, the University will send by mail a "Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University”, a "Visa Application Form for Foreigner Students" (Form JW202), a “Physical Examination Form”, and related materials by the end of June.
Registration Period: Early September 2003
Student visa application procedure: Apply for an "X" ("xuesheng") visa at Chinese Embassy or Consulate with photocopies of the following documents: the "Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University", Form JW202 , the physical examination form and results of your blood chemistry tests. Keep the originals, since you must bring them with you and submit them upon arrival and registration at Taishan Medical University.
Note: Students who plan to study more than half a year at Taishan Medical University must apply for an "X" visa ("F" visa is for students whose planned duration of study is 180 days or less); students who hold any other type of visa will not be able to complete registration formalities.
All students must register within registration period specified in the Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University, and submit the original copies of their "Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University," Form JW202, physical examination form with results of blood chemistry tests, and ten passport-sized photos.
Fees of tuition and housing must be paid in full at the time of registration.
All students must report within the registration period. If you cannot register within this period, ask for permission from the University in advance; otherwise, no-shows are considered to have voluntarily withdrawn their application.
Requirement of Chinese: In order to ensure the quality of teaching and learning, General students are required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam after admission. Only those students whose results of the test are up to the standard are allowed to take courses in the various departments, while those who fail to meet the standard will be grouped into classes of different levels according to the results of the Chinese exam. For those who have already received an intermediate B certificate or above on the H.S.K. (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) test, the exam will be exempted.
Accommodation: Taishan Medical University provides international students with the following types of lodging:
A. Two–bed room flat, each person has a private room; a small sitting room shared by two persons with color TV set, Internet access, telephone, air conditioning, and toilet/shower room.
B. Standard single room with color TV set, Internet access, telephone, refrigerator, air -conditioning and toilet/shower room.
In addition, International students are not permitted to rent private accommodation off campus.
Criterion for Expenses:
A.  Application fee
B. Suggested cost of living: approximately USD 80 per month. Students should pay for other expenses such as medical care and personal activities by themselves.
Teaching Arrangements:
A. Class hours: 8 to 12 a.m., Monday through Friday, extracurricular activities on Saturday.
B. Chinese language teaching:
1. Required courses: Chinese reading, spoken Chinese, pronunciation, listening comprehension and video class.
2. Selective courses: Chinese folk-customs, translation, writing, newspaper reading, classical Chinese, and selected readings of contemporary Chinese literature, and etc., putting focus on the ability to use Chinese in real communications.
C. Placement of Chinese Class: elementary, intermediate, and advanced Chinese classes are to be provided. Students are grouped into classes of different levels according to the results of the placement test after admission. The typical size of a class ranges from 10 to 25 students.
C. Chinese Culture Opportunities
1.     Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy.
2.     Weekend trips to Mount Tai and Qufu (Confucius home-town).
3.     Tuitions/fees: range from USD 20 to USD 100 per person.
E. Students will receive Taishan Medical University Student ID upon registration, and Program Certificate and official transcript upon completion of the program.
Accommodations in Guesthouse:
Two-bed rooms, with telephone, air-conditioner, common toilet and shower.
How to Apply:
A. Cooperative Programs:
1. Any foreign school or organization expecting to set up a joint program at Taishan Medical University should contact us directly to discuss specific items of bilateral cooperation.
2. Applicants can apply through the cooperative partner of Taishan Medical University. Applicants are supposed to complete the International Student Application form for Short-term Studies at Taishan Medical University, the original copy of which should be received by the International Office one month before the opening of the class.
B. Individual Applications:
1. Individual applicants can ask for the International Student Application form for Short-term Studies at Taishan Medical University directly from the International Office of the University.
2. Application submission period:
Chinese Language Summer School: Before June. Limited amount.
Spring Semester Programs: Before November. Limited amount.
Fall Semester Programs: Early July. Limited amount.
3. The applicants should submit the following materials to International Office of the University within required periods.
Completed International Student Application form for Short-term Studies at Taishan Medical University (type or print)
Highest degree certificate
Certificate on HSK test or official transcripts for full-time Chinese language training
One letter of recommendation
Letter from sponsor, indicating his or her name, employment, telephone number, and permanent address
USD30 for application fee (cash or traveler's checks)
4.     Incomplete application materials will not be considered.
A. Group applicants should pay for the application fee upon admission; individual
applicants should include the application fee at the time of application.
B. The application fee will not be returned under any circumstances.

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