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Welcome to University of Science and Technology of China(中国科学技术大学)

The University of Science and Technology of China is a new type of university established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) after the founding of the New China. The University was founded in Beijing in September of 1958. Since 1978, the University has initiated and implemented a series of open and reform measures with a forward-looking sense and innovative spirit. The University recovered from the Cultural Revolution and achieved rapid development thereafter. During the period of the 7th and the 8th National Five-year Plan, USTC has been one of the universities enjoying the nation's priority construction.   In 1995, USTC was approved by the Central Government as one of the first batch of universities obtaining the support of construction in the National 9th Five-year Plan and the "Project 211". In 1999, USTC was singled out as one of the 9 universities enjoying priority support from the nation's "Plan of Vitalizing Education Action Geared to the 21st Century", obtaining unified support and guidance from the CAS, the Ministry of Education, and the Anhui Provincial Gover..View more

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Welcome to study at University of Science and Technology of China(中国科学技术大学)