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Accommodation & Transportation
Not only has YNU been teaching Chinese to students from every corner of the globe for over 20 years now, but we have also been helping students from every walk of life achieve their Chinese learning goals as well. Our students have ranged from backpackers who wanted to extend their time in China to business professionals looking to master the language. We have even developed partnerships with universities around the world to provide Chinese internships for their students.  As a result, we realize that one curriculum will not satisfy every student's or organization's needs. Consequently, in addition to our excellent base curriculum, we also offer fully customizable courses to meet your or your organization's individual learning goals.
In addition to our Chinese language instruction, our students have a wealth of other areas in which the can study.  Not only can they study typical electives found at most Chinese study abroad programs such as Chinese martial arts, Chinese cooking and calligraphy, our students are actually encouraged to pursue any area in which they are interested in. Our staff will do our very best to accommodate their requests.
One other option not available at many of the independent study abroad programs available in China today is that, because we are an actual university, our students are also welcome to pursue a degree from YNU if they so choose.
What housing options are there?
YNU offers students 4 housing options. 
  1. Fully furnished 1 Bedroom apartment.
  2. Fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment.
  3. Share a dorm room with 3 Chinese roomates.
  4. Live off campus after your first year of study.

Standard Fees:
Study Type
Class Hours 
 Private Study
Spring/Fall Terms
50 RMB/hour
 Special Terms 
60 RMB/hour
  Small class
Spring/Fall Terms
11960 RMB/year(5980 RMB/term)
Special Terms
40 RMB/hour
Full School Year
14000 RMB/year(7000 RMB/term)

Other Related Costs:
Type of Service
Tuition and fees
see above
not inclusive of study materials
Application fee
500 RMB
All new students
100—200 RMB
 Books and learning materials
Accommodation costs
Foreign Student apartments
750 RMB/month(45 square meters )
2 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen, dining area, color tv, telephone, desk, lamp, closet, refrigerator
850 RMB/month(75 square meters)
3 bedroom (2 beds), 1 bath, common room, kitchen, dining area, color tv, telephone, desk, refrigerator
Student dorms
1200 RMB/year
4 people, 1 bathroom, phone (shared with Chinese students)
Housing deposit
700 RMB/student or family
Returned if no damage is done to the apartment
Varies according to usage
Paid at the end of each term
0.8 RMB/hour
Available at the school computer lab and library
30 RMB/Month
Available in foreign student apartments
Cable TV
Student cafeteria
5-6 RMB/meal
one meat, two vegetables, and rice
Meal card deposit
10 RMB/card
Used in the cafeteria and small shops on campus
Student ID
10 RMB
Certificate of Study
50 RMB
Presented on completion of study at Yuxi Normal University

Welcome to study at Yuxi Normal University(玉溪师范学院)